Holy Ship! Vegan Foods!

I had an amazing vegan meal yesterday…in Croydon…CROYDON! I was so pleased and impressed by this that I felt I had to blog about it immediately…but I somehow got distracted by loads of delicious cake in Brixton and then I fell asleep and had to go do this ‘work’ business I’ve got myself into recently.

So, not quite an immediate review, but here it is anyway.
The Ship

I’d heard that a pub in Croydon did a vegan roast on a Sunday and always said I would go try it sometime but never got round to it. Yesterday a friend and I were in Croydon for the day flat hunting and we thought we’d pop along to see what vegan food was on offer during the week.
My usual experience of vegan friendly pubs is the option of jacket potato with beans or some kind of bland, tasteless chilli, so I really wasn’t expecting much. You can imagine my surprise when we read the menu and discovered an entire section dedicated to vegetarian main courses, most of which were vegan friendly. Here were the choices for mains that were available to us:
  • Sausage and bean hotpot
  • Home made chilli and rice
  • Singapore noodles
  • Fruity chickpea curry
  • Sausage and mash
  • Rustic vegetable ratatouille
  • Jacket potatoes topped with beans, ratatouille, chilli, hummus etc
There was also the choice of a few starters, although I only remember mushrooms on toast, and a few sides, such as hummus, chips etc. As well as serving all this, you can also get tea with soya milk and jam on toast with soya spread. There is a vegetarian breakfast on the menu that isn’t labelled vegan friendly, but I assume the sausages are the same and if you asked nicely they’d do a vegan version for you, it’s definitely something worth suggesting to them because that really would make it the perfect place.
I decided to go for the Fruity Chickpea Curry and my friend went for the Sausage and Bean Hotpot. We had a pot of tea and soya milk while we waited.
The food arrived pretty quickly and I was amazed with how well it was presented. If I’m being honest, I don’t expect great presentation when I eat at a pub, but this was great:

Fruity Chickpea Curry

The food was delicious, the chef really does know her stuff. The curry was bursting with flavours and it was the nice touches like the toasted pitta bread on the side and having lemon flavoured rice that really brought it all together for me and made it that bit special. I managed to grab a cheeky taste of the Hotpot too, which was gorgeous and which I’ll have to order next time I’m there.

Sausage and Bean Hotpot

The food is very reasonably priced. I paid £4.75 for my meal and was very happy with that. It was a decent portion, well presented and so yummy. There are cheaper options too, which makes it very tempting to go back before my next pay day.
The atmosphere in the pub was great, it wasn’t too busy as it was early afternoon and the staff were very friendly and attentive. We even got a free pot of tea before we left, probably due to all the praise we gave the food, but it was nice to be able to chat about all the options on the menu and give them some positive feedback.
Another positive…great tunes while we ate! They’re screening a live Foo Fighters gig on the big screen on July 5th. Considering I’ll be seeing them live at Milton Keynes on the 3rd I think I may have to return to The Ship, have a good meal, a few drinks and roll around in my post gig buzz.
I will also have to go back on a Sunday to check out the roast. But yeah, definitely worth a trip to Croydon for. Go check it out!

The Ship
47 High Street


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