New Vegan Range At Tesco

So, who here has heard the good news? Tesco have launched a new range of chilled Free From products, all of which are vegan friendly. Excited? You should be. The range consists of:

  • Sweetened soya milk
  • Unsweetened soya milk
  • Almond milk
  • Hazelnut milk
  • Rice milk
  • Coconut milk
  • Chocolate coconut milk
  • Raspberry jelly
  • Pineapple and passionfruit jelly
  • Vanilla soya dessert
  • Chocolate soya dessert
  • Creme caramel
  • Chocolate dessert shakes
  • Vanilla dessert shakes
  • Large pots of plain soy yogurt
  • Large pots of mixed berry soy yogurt
  • 4 x cherry soy yogurts
  • 4 x mango soy yogurts
  • 4 x raspberry and passionfruit soy yogurts
  • 4 x peach soy yogurts
  • Mild cheddar style hard cheese
  • Red cheddar style hard cheese
  • Creamy garlic and herb spread
  • Creamy sweet chilli spread
  • Creamy original style spread
  • Creamy cheddar style spread
  • Soya margarine
  • Sunflower margarine

I genuinely could not believe my eyes when I walked into the Thornton Heath Tesco Superstore and found this. An entire section of foods that were all mine…MINE:

There are a few things that make this so exciting for me. It looks like these aren’t manufactured by Tesco but Tesco are repackaging vegan products into this new brand. The cheeses are definitely made by Bute Island Foods, the lovely people who bring us Sheese. I’m taking a guess that the yogurts are Provamel, though I can’t say for certain. This is a great opportunity for vegan friendly companies, to be picked up by such a huge supermarket chain. The products are also guaranteed to be edible if you like these brands which means no disgusting fake cheeses bringing down the vegan team!

Also, what a huge step forward to have an entirely vegan section like this in the chilled aisles! I still can’t quite believe that all of these products are vegan. I’m constantly disappointed by the Free From aisles in supermarkets catering towards gluten free only, putting eggs or dairy into products that don’t even need them. Hopefully this new range will be successful and we’ll start seeing more dairy, egg and gluten free cakes/biscuits/puddings in the supermarkets. It’s also good that they seem to be keeping all of these products in one section, it really did stand out when I found it. The only annoying thing was that the bottom shelf of the chiller was full of nasty lacto free cheeses and creams. Ugh! Hopefully customers will choose to buy the delicious, healthier and more ethical products over that crap.

Unfortunately this range hasn’t been launched in every store. Animal Aid were good enough to post a link to the stores currently stocking the range here. Otherwise give your local branch a call to find out if they stock it or let them know that the demand is there for it. I’m not Tesco’s biggest fan but it is great to see such a large variety of vegan products in a mainstream shop. Hopefully the range will be successful and other supermarkets will pick up on this soon.

So far I’ve tried the sweet chilli spread and the vanilla dessert shake, both were delicious. I’m looking forward to having a creme caramel tonight. Here’s a photo of the stash I bought today to tempt you:


7 thoughts on “New Vegan Range At Tesco

  1. Tell me about it! Spent a fortune on that lot! Luckily it all came out a week or so after payday. After sampling everything I recommend the chocolate coconut milk (although it's the same as Kara so if you can find it in the ambient section it'll be cheaper) the creme caramels, the choco and vanilla desserts, the chilli cheeze spread and the mild cheddar cheeze.


  2. They have expanded it even more now inclding smoked cheese but beware a few of the new products (desserts) have eggs in them! Why of why could they not keep it all vegan.


  3. the trouble we vegans and wanna b vegans rely too much on soya, which unless fermented is not ever so good for one. i would like Tesco to rely more on nuts and seeds to make the vegan produce, and wholefoods, no so full o f flavourings and sweeteners., and organic please, why compromise on quality. otherwise you can make you own nut milks and cheeses.


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