All You Can Eat Chinese

As a vegan, one of the things I miss most is ‘All You Can Eat’ Chinese restaurants. Of course, I could always go to one with friends, but there’s rarely anything there I trust enough to eat and no one wants to share ‘weird beancurd’ dishes with me anyway. When I have Chinese food I like to have a little bit of everything, sharing stuff is the best part.

Now I’ve found the perfect solution – Mr Man. A completely vegan Chinese restaurant that has a huge selection and All You Can Eat.
The restaurant is in Edgeware and is part of the Loving Hut chain. Anyone who has been vegan longer than ten minutes will know who Loving Hut are, but if you don’t I demand you find out immediately and visit their website. The whole Supreme Master TV thing is a little bit odd and hypnotising, but the food is always good.
Anyway, I visited Mr Man with two friends and we decided to have a go at the All You Can Eat menu. They have a good system where each person can only order two dishes at a time, which prevents you over ordering and with three of us it gave us plenty of dishes to pick at during each round. They also have an A La Carte menu with even more dishes in it if you don’t want to pay the set price. The range of food in this place is incredible, there’s a copy of the menu on their website if you want to have a glance.
We started off with lots of appetisers. We had Satay chick’n skewers, Crispy broccoli with spicy salt, Crispy mushrooms with spicy salt,Vegetable dumplings, Seaweed, Sesame Toast, Deep fried prawn balls and Deep fried chick’n balls. The broccoli and chick’n balls in particular were incredible.

I can’t remember everything we had for main because it all became a bit of a blur once we got to round 3. I do remember veggie BBQ steak, crispy deep fried tofu, thai curry, a spicy aubergine dish, rice and noodles. The BBQ steak was ace and I liked the aubergine but it was very oily. I’m more of a fan of starters when it comes to Chinese but the mains were very good.

I think we made it to 5 rounds. It was messy. We were all bloated and full, so I suggested we crack on with some desserts (these aren’t included in the set price).

We had banana fritters (a classic, people can mock but I LOVE them) a berry cheesecake and some sweet bean pancake type thing. I didn’t choose that one because I’m not weird. It did taste good though, the cheesecake was surprisingly good and obviously the fritters were incredible.

I left Mr Man a very happy lady. I’m hoping I can convince my family to come for a birthday meal next month. Otherwise I’ll have to drag my friends all the way up to Edgeware to join me for a feast.
Mr Man
236 Station Road

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