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Cookies and Scream

There are a few problems with being busy all the time. One of them is the obvious…it’s exhausting. Another issue is, if you’re a blogger like me, your blog just doesn’t get as much love as you think it deserves. But worst of all is that when you’re busy, amazing things manage to slip by unnoticed and when you do finally hear about it, it takes you an age to get off your busy, tired bum to go check it out.
That’s what happened with Cookies and Scream, a new Vegan Bakery in London. I partly blame myself for missing out on the cookie party but I’ve also decided to place the blame on the entire Vegan community (yes, YOU!) for not banging on my door and dragging me over there sooner.
According to their website, after being successful in Camden Lock Market selling their delicious products on a stall (again, how did I NOT know about this?!) Cookies and Scream have now managed to set up a permanent Cookie Bar inside the market. I finally managed to visit it last Sunday and it was marvellous!
Cookie Sandwiches, Chewy Wookies and Goo Bars on display
I’d heard whispers of this place and seen a few blog posts but had no idea until I visited that not only are all of their products Vegan but they’re also gluten free as well! Not only that, they’re lower fat and some of their goods are even sugar free. I’m normally a little bit wary when I try gluten free products, the texture can sometimes be a bit off but actually I was pleasantly surprised. 
Due to being a bit skint at the moment, I couldn’t go too crazy on my visit, so I decided to try a Chocolate Brownie Milkshake (yes that’s right, you heard me..MILKSHAKES!) a Cookie Sandwich and…wait for it…a Donut! Yep, this place does gluten free, vegan donuts and I have to say, they’re incredible. I was gutted that I couldn’t buy more as I definitely had room for a few more donuts and there was a lovely looking Lemon Drizzle cake that I’m sure was calling my name. But anyway, it’s time to get into all the gooey, delicious details…

Chocolate Brownie Shake

I picked this because I’d heard great things about the brownies and wanted to try them and also wanted to give their shakes a go, so I felt that a chocolate brownie shake was definitely the way forward. Ahh, it was amazing! Not too sweet and the brownies were delicious, I occasionally got little bits of brownie coming through my straw and they are really, really good. So soft and moist. So chocolatey. Definitely a new favourite for me.

Chocolate Cookie Sandwich
Seeing as it’s a cookie bar, I felt that I would definitely have to try the cookies. And what better way to try them? Sandwiched together with delicious chocolate icing. Nom! The cookies were great, I really liked them. They didn’t taste too greasy and there were plenty of chocolate chips in them. The icing in the middle was pretty good. I think I was a bit surprised because I expected it to be overly sugary and sweet but it wasn’t. It was more of a subtle flavour, but it was very nice..
Jam and Sugar coated Donuts
These were definitely the star of the show! They were just plain awesome. Just like I remember Donuts to be. If I remember correctly these are made with pureed fruit to make them lower fat, you definitely wouldn’t be able to tell that they’re not high fat. The sugar and jam worked really well with them, although I do want to try some chocolate covered ones next time. If you’re a donut fan, you seriously need to get over there to try these. They are without a doubt, the best vegan donuts I’ve eaten.
I think the best thing about Cookies and Scream was that I didn’t end up with a blinding headache from a sugar come down. My body thanked me for not forcing it with ridiculous amounts of refined sugars and behaved nicely. Although I don’t think cookies and cakes will ever be ‘healthy’ foods, these are definitely healthier options for you when you do fancy a treat and they’ve inspired me to try baking with healthier sugars instead.
Oh and the very best thing? They’re open 7 days a week from 10am – 6pm.
You can find Cookies and Scream at Camden Lock Market:
Cookies and Scream
Unit L1
Dingwalls Gallery
Camden Lock Place
Check out their website and Twitter for more details.

Donuts, cookies, brownies and lemon drizzle too!

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2 thoughts on “Screamin’ for More!

  1. Ooh thank you for posting this. It's going on my list for a foodie trip to London in January. They sound like the lovely vegan gluten free baked goods that Babycakes in the states make. I've got their first cookery book and they use applesauce a lot. The recipes can be a bit pricey to make as they tend to use agave and coconut oil but everything I have made has tasted really good. Here's a link to their donut recipe


  2. That donut recipe looks great, I'll have to try it out sometime. I definitely think you'll be impressed with Cookies and Scream. There are loads of great vegan places in London, so I'm sure you'll have a blast 😀


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