Goody! Goody! Goody!

Feeling just a little bit giddy over at Hasta La Vegan today. I managed to get some delicious samples from Goody Good Stuff and I’ve been in a sugar haze all afternoon.

I’m sure most of you have heard of Goody Good Stuff. They produce the most amazing gelatine free gummy sweets I’ve ever tasted and they have the cutest cartoon koala on the packet! If you’re considering going vegan and don’t think you can give up the Haribo, think again. Not only are they free from dairy, eggs, gluten and gelatine but they also don’t have any artificial flavourings or colours, so a win win all round eh?

I was sent one of each of their vegan lines; Summer Peaches, Sour Fruit Salad, Sour Mix & Match and Cola Breeze and I loved them all. My favourite would have to be the Sour Mix & Match. I’m a sucker for anything sour and I welcome these dudes to have a party in my mouth anytime. The Summer Peaches are also good, something a little bit different to normal gummy type sweets. The Cola Breeze is everything I remember a Cola Bottle to be and nice and tangy too.

These sweets came to my door at the perfect time as I was feeling inspired to do some creative baking. What better way of sampling these products than to incorporate them into some cupcakes? So I did. I spent this afternoon baking Chocolate Cherry Cola Cupcakes, which I topped with a glace cherry and a Cola Breeze. The Sour Mix & Match inspired me to bake something equally as tongue tingling, so I did a Lemon Sherbet Cupcake and popped one of those on top. They complimented the flavours perfectly. Not only have these sweets inspired some of my tastiest cakes but they also make incredibly cute cake toppers, something that is often hard to find vegan at the supermarket.

They all taste great and it’s fantastic to have some vegan sweets like this in the shops. What I probably like most about these sweets is that I don’t feel tired and crappy after munching on them because they’re not full of artificial rubbish. Goody Good Stuff can be found at Waitrose, Whole Foods, Suma, Spar and The Vegan Store as well as other places. Check out their site for more info on how you can get your paws on these treats. With an RRP of £1.49, they really are a bargain. So if you haven’t tried them already, what are you waiting for??

They’ve also been nominated for a VegFest Award for their Cola Breeze, so get out there, try it and if you like it, get voting!


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