Vegan Mofo #1: Holy Shit…I’m doing Vegan Mofo!

This year I will be taking part in my first Vegan Mofo (Vegan Month of Food). It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but surprise surprise, I’ve always put it off. Doing so has probably been sensible because if I have any readers left on this blog, you’ll know that I don’t update with any kind of regularity these days.
I don’t know what made this year different, it’s probably the worst time for me to blog on a daily basis. I moved from Preston to Manchester three weeks ago, I’ve just started a new full time job that leaves me collapsed on the sofa by the end of the day and I’ve only had internet at this place for the last week. However, I am determined to take part and give this blog a much needed boost. I’ve managed to come up with a theme and I have done the bare minimum research needed to get my first few posts together. That’s probably as prepared as I’m ever going to get, so why not?
My theme is Seasonal Cooking. During my short time in Preston, I was enjoying cooking with the weekly veg boxes I got delivered. It was mostly seasonal produce, so quite often I found myself pushed into thinking outside of the box when certain veg turned up week in, week out for months. A lot of veg I’d never dared to use before also appeared. It was a great way of keeping me out of a food rut and it was a hell of a lot cheaper than shopping at my local supermarket.
I don’t get boxes delivered anymore, but I am lucky enough to work at a grocery store that provides a lot of organic, seasonal and local fruit and veg.I have my list of what’s in season and will be ensuring that all the recipes I post during September will either contain entirely seasonal fruit and veg or at least have seasonal produce as the main ingredient.
I popped out and got myself some supplies today and cooking will commence shortly. I have a few awesome recipe ideas up my sleeve, so keep your eyes peeled this month. I haven’t had a huge amount of preparation time, so it will be a bit of an experiment. Some recipes might work out great, others may need tweaking and I’m sure some will never be used again! However it’s time to celebrate September the vegan way, by using the best tasting veg available to make delicious noms.
I’ll catch you all tomorrow. 
Good luck to fellow Mofo bloggers and happy cooking!

4 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo #1: Holy Shit…I’m doing Vegan Mofo!

  1. Thanks Nate! That squash is already roasted in the oven for my next recipe 🙂

    Veg Boxes are amazing, especially when you don't have an alternative to supermarket veg nearby. Luckily I work at Unicorn now, so I can pick up local, organic veg nearly every day of the week. Saves me waiting around impatiently for my veggies 😀


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