Vegan Mofo #3: Sweetcorn Ice Cream

Yes, you read the title correctly. I put real life sweetcorn into ice cream. The combination of Vegan Mofo and a seasonal theme has flicked all kinds of weird creativity switches in my brain. It sounds weird and a little disgusting, but I’m telling you…this stuff works.

I might sound a bit like Paul Hollywood but I feel like I’ve pulled out a show stopper recipe a little early. I’ve unintentionally upped my blogging game. But, due to the potential this recipe had to fail, I thought I better get on with it sooner rather than later. Nothing would be more depressing than to finish Vegan Mofo with a failed dish. Thankfully, luck was on my side today and everything went smoothly in the kitchen, despite this being my very first attempt at making ice cream in an ice cream maker. Unfortunately for all you lovely readers, this is probably going to be the most exciting recipe I come up with this month…because really…sweet corn in ice cream?! Seriously?

I did a bit of research on this recipe before making it, and I’ve gotta say, a lot of the vegan versions looked really complicated. Bloggers wanted to recreate all the different aspects that go into an ordinary dairy ice cream, which I’m sure works well and tastes great…but I’m a bit of an ice cream novice and I wanted to keep things simple. I’d seen a recommendation for using tinned coconut milk as an ice cream base floating around on the internet, so I decided to start from there and keep things as easy as possible.

I’ll quit leaving you hanging now. Here it is…

Sweetcorn Ice Cream

1 ice cream maker, with bowl attachment prepared (frozen for at least 12 hours)

1 blender or hand blender

2 cans of full fat coconut milk

3 ears of corn

1 cup of caster sugar

1 tbsp vanilla extract

First things first, you want to get your corn ready. Strip off the outer leafy bits and use a sharp knife to cut off the kernels. There are some wonderful demonstrations on youtube explaining how to cut off kernels without them bouncing everywhere. I personally think it’s all just an illusion. My corn went pretty much everywhere, so unless you’re a magician I’d suggest using a large, clear area of the worktop
Get a big pan and put in the coconut milk, sugar, corn (including the core, it contains a lot of extra flavour) and vanilla.
Bring these ingredients to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes or so. Set aside and leave to cool for around 30-40 minutes.
When the mixture is cool, you can remove the cores and pop it into the blender, blitzing until relatively smooth.
Next, get a large jug or a nifty mixing bowl like mine that’s easy to pour from. Pour the mix through a sieve into the jug/bowl, getting rid of all the pulpy bits. I usually like bits in my ice cream, but as this was pulp I figured it would be best without it included. If you feel differently it is at your own risk!

Pop the mixture into the fridge for at least 2 hours

When the mixture is nice and cold, get your ice cream maker ready, turn it on and then pour in your mixture.


Churn for 20-25 minutes until it begins looking like proper ice cream
Transfer into a container or loaf tin, smooth down the top and pop into the freezer for a last half an hour or so, until it’s a bit more solid.
Scoop, serve and enjoy
This ice cream is a little time consuming but the recipe is incredibly simple. I loved this stuff, it was an unusual combination of sweet and buttery. I think the coconut milk gave the ice cream that creamy richness you find in dairy ice cream and I honestly don’t think any of my non vegan friends would know the difference.
I was tempted to use tinned sweetcorn, and it’s definitely worth a go, but I do think you’re more likely to get more flavour from using it fresh and simmering the cores into the mixture too. 
If you’re a little too scared to make sweetcorn ice cream, this will still work without. Instead of cooking the mixture, simply place the coconut milk into the fridge overnight and skip straight to the blending part and then carry on as usual. If you want to add chopped nuts/chocolate, chuck them in during the last 5 minutes of churning.
I hope at least one person fancies giving this a go.

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