A Vegan in Berlin: Day 3

I woke up eager to get stuck in and really start exploring the city. We started off with an even bigger breakfast than the previous morning. Our breakfasts got bigger with each passing day as every time we walked past any of the organic food shops I ended up popping in and stocking up on a variety of cheese/meat slices, pates and sausages. I forgot how much I missed having that kind of stuff for breakfast.

Just one view from the top of Panorama Punkt

Feeling full and satisfied we headed over to Potsdamer Platz so we could ride on the Panorama Punkt; the fastest elevator in Europe. In just twenty seconds we were whisked up 24 floors and walked out amazing views of the city. It was a beautiful morning and a perfect way to start the day. We spent a while admiring the view and taking photos before taking a short walk to the Deutsche Museum Fur Film und Fernsehen – The museum for German film and television.

Ahhhmagoddd. For a Film Studies graduate, this place was a dream. If any of you are film fans, this is definitely a must see in Berlin. We spent hours there and it was awesome. I got to see the Lola’s costume from Run Lola Run! Unfortunately the museum doesn’t allow you to take photographs so I have nothing impressive to show you. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

I figured after a morning/afternoon of touristy stuff, it was time to eat more great food. I decided we needed to go back to Friedrichshain to visit Ohlala. I couldn’t wait any longer. And I am so glad I didn’t. This place ended up being one of my favourite places during our trip.

Ohlala is an entirely vegan French creperie/pastry shop/cafe. It’s beautiful on the outside and inside but nothing could prepare me for how amazing the counter inside looked. It was packed full of cakes, tarts, sweets and savoury quiches. I wanted it all. Somehow I managed to control myself, sit down and look over the menu. I saw potato and cheese crepe and immediately knew that I must have it. Service was quick and it wasn’t long until I had my crepe in front of me. It doesn’t look much in the photo but it was incredible. It was so delicious that I devoured it within minutes. Obviously I had to have another crepe. I picked the Speculoos and Jake got the Caramel Nut, we decided to go halves so we could try them both. They were so tasty, the caramel nut was particularly good. Even though I wanted more, I could barely move at this point, so decided we should probably start walking it off. I couldn’t help but pick up two desserts on the way out…I’ll go into more detail about those later…

Crepe time

After walking around Friedrichshain for a while, we thought it was time to get over to Kreuzberg and check out Coretex Records. It was easy to spend a long time in there, and we did.

Believe it or not, I actually started getting a little hungry again, this may be because I sensed that we were close to Yellow Sunshine, or it could be because I’m generally greedy, but either way…we went to Yellow Sunshine.

This place was also great. I never got to experience a meal at Red Veg before it closed down in the UK, but I imagine Yellow Sunshine is pretty much the same sort of thing. It’s vegan fast food at it’s best. As soon as we went inside we were greeted by friendly staff at the counter and a huge menu board on the wall. It took me ages to decide but I ended up going for the Fish Burger and Chicken Nuggets. We decided not to eat in but catch the bus back to our apartment to eat. The food came quickly and travelled well. It wasn’t long until we were back at the flat and tucking in. The burger was ace and the nuggets were good too. We didn’t get chips because I wasn’t sure if they’d travel well, but I was stuffed after eating it all anyway.

Fish Burger and Nuggets from Yellow Sunshine

More delights from Ohlala

I spent a while lying on my bed, too full to think, before I realised I still had tasty stuff to eat in my bag…my goodies from Ohlala. I rolled over towards my bag and pulled out my box of delights. My treats had survived the journey and I had just about enough space in my pudding compartment for one. I picked the hazelnut cake. I picked up the cake, held it up to my face and took a bite.

What the fuck?

What the fuck?

This was not a cake.


It was a hollow chocolate shell, filled with sticky, gooey chocolate syrup and then covered in frosting and hazelnuts to give it the appearance of a cupcake. My God. It was so much better than some pathetic little cupcake. I had chocolate syrup all over my face and I was loving it. It was the most disgustingly fun thing I ate during my time in Berlin. I swear I have a lump in my throat right now just remembering how beautiful it was and how tragic it is now that I no longer have it.

This pretty much finished me off. I slipped into my food coma and didn’t wake until the next day…


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