A Vegan in Berlin: Day 4

I woke up late following the food coma from the previous day. Unfortunately the weather was pretty terrible, so we decided to have another museum day. There was one museum I wanted to go to as much as the Film museum…The Computerspielemuseum. 

This place was perfect for a rainy day, it’s basically a massive room documenting computer game history. As you enter the building you’re greeted by life size computer game characters such as Lara Croft and Link. There was a whole wall dedicated as a timeline of consoles, which made for great fun when I recalled how many I’ve owned over the years.
Another wall contained blocks of Game Milestones, which I was able to select with a controller and watch previews of on a large screen.
There are exhibits of the worlds first computer games and a small arcade full of classics like Pac Man and Donkey Kong. I spent a long time in this room and only left when the same kid kept kicking me off all the games.
Another highlight was the life size joystick where I was able to play Pac Man by controlling the joystick with my body weight. It was awesome. We spent a ridiculously long time at this museum, in fact most of the day. Which was pretty good for just 8 euros a ticket!
By the time we left we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and were ready to gorge all over again. I looked at the restaurants on my ‘go to’ list and decided it was time to check out Viasko. 
As soon as I walked in and saw the menu’s I realised this place was cool. I was slightly intimidated by this because I am far from cool, but this was soon forgotten as soon as I looked at all the food on offer. 
Menu’s – too cool
I picked the Jalapeno Cheese Sticks to start. These were so effing great. They were deliciously melt in the mouth, with just enough kick from the jalapeno. I was impressed with how big the portion was too.
Jalapeno Cheese Sticks
For my main I had the Gyros plate. Oh my God. It was massive. There was so much tasty tasty food. I didn’t know where to start. The plate was full of gyros, hummus, tzatziki, sauerkraut, hummus, olives and a massive chunk of bread. I don’t remember what I went for first, I probably did some hoover like motion. I do however remember the moment I bit into the bread. Berlin appears to have a bit of a thing about covering my face with greasy, delicious liquids. I’m not 100% sure what was in the middle of this bread but I’m 100% sure it was bloody tasty even if it was halfway down my chin before I got round to it. This dish was incredibly rich, there were times I thought I wouldn’t finish but I didn’t stop. I pushed myself through and finished everything. It was so good.
Gyros Plate
I was feeling pretty damn full by the end of my main but I ordered Tiramisu…because….well….Tiramisu. Best choice of the day. It was awesome, not too strong a coffee flavour, rich and moist. It complemented my meal completely. I did have to waddle out of the restaurant afterwards but it was definitely worth it.
By this point it was raining again, I was too full to do anything useful so we caught the bus home to our apartment. This was definitely one of our best days, it was basically just computer games and food, two of my biggest loves.


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