A Vegan in Berlin: Day 5

I woke up on day 5 and panicked a little. This was our last full day and I wanted it to cram a lot of stuff in. I made a big breakfast to go over the big plans for the day.

Dr Pogo

I decided it was time to find Dr Pogo – an awesome vegan grocery store that is run as a workers co-operative. It was a little out of the way so I figured we might as well start there. So with food in our bellies we headed over to Neukolln Station, just a short walk away. This was a very different part of Berlin to that we had seen, we were clearly outside of the more touristy/hip parts of the city. I got a little concerned as everything in the area had shutters down. I figured we were in a run down part of town and carried on to Dr Pogo. We got there and it looked pretty dark inside, clearly not open. I checked the opening times on the door and we definitely weren’t early. It suddenly dawned on me that something wasn’t right here. A few google searches later and we discovered it was some special bank holiday in Germany that day. Damn!

I peered through the windows and moped about for a little while, hoping that against all odds someone would come running down the street with keys, ready to open up. When that didn’t happen I trudged towards the next S-Bahn. I was feeling a bit dishearted until we walked past a building surrounded by scaffolding. Looked like it was some kind of cafe…and it was open…dammit, why couldn’t a vegan friendly place be open instead?…and then I saw it…’Vegane’ was written on the window. I doubled back and looked for a sign. I had just stumbled across Cafe Vux.

“Cafe Vux!” I gasped “This place is vegan! We’re going in!”

This place had been on my list of eateries but I’d figured we weren’t going to get the chance, when I’d looked it up it seemed too far out of the way and I’d never really made the connection that it was round the corner from Dr Pogo. Despite being full from our breakfast, I was determined to make the trip there worth it. One look at cake on offer and I knew we’d ended up in Neukolln for a reason.

This place sells the most beautiful layer cakes I have ever seen. They were just so perfect, I could not find fault in any of their appearances. After drooling and pointing excitedly at everything on offer, I finally went for a white sponge cake, with apricots on the bottom, iced in a pink cream cheese icing.

The most beautiful cake in the world

Just look at it. Do you understand the perfection now? The sponge was incredible. I have never eaten a cake that this light. It melted in my mouth. I felt it was such a special cake that I made it last longer than 30 seconds. Anyone who knows me will know that I have not done this before. I didn’t want this experience to end. Whilst spacing out each bite I took time to enjoy my Fritz Kola, to enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the spacious cafe and I spoke to Jake a bit as well, mostly about how fricking amazing the cakes there were.

 Somehow I managed to leave without cake to takeaway, probably because I knew deep down that I would definitely be returning on our final day.

With the sun shining outside and our bellies more full than ever, we made our way to Warschauer Strasse so we could walk down the East Side Gallery; a 1.3km section of the Berlin wall, consisting of 105 paintings from artists all over the world. This was definitely going to burn off some of our early overeating.

Well, it would have done, had we not walked past the Veganz located at Warschauer Strasse, which had a van parked outside cooking up vegan waffles. It was painful but this had to happen. WAFFLES!


Right, food time was definitely over. We had to get moving, despite the excrutiating pain in our stomachs. We walked along the East Side Gallery and took pictures of all of it, so I’ll only share a few with you.

I really enjoyed this, we were lucky that it wasn’t too busy and we could wander at our own pace and take photos without too much difficulty. It was amazing to see so much artwork out in the open.

The Ramones Museum

After wandering around for a few hours we made our way to Mitte, the center of Berlin. It’s probably a little weird that we only made our way to this part of the city on our last full day and part of me is a little sad that we didn’t spend a huge amount of time there, but there were so many things I wanted to see/eat/do in other areas of Berlin.

Our first stop was The Ramones Museum, because if you’re punk and you’re in Berlin you have to go there. Even if you don’t like the Ramones that much. It’s the rule. It was a lot smaller than I expected but I really liked it there. We paid around 5 euros and got a free drink from the bar. The museum was basically a cool bar with a wall signed by loads of bands who have visited, and lots of other memorabilia.

This led to the main museum part, which is a large room filled with old posters, newspaper articles, photos…even a Garfield Jigsaw with The Ramones on it. There’s also a small room with  seating where you can watch a documentary on loop. I was pretty tired so I sat in there watching for a while.

It was really chilled out there so it was a nice way to spend an hour or so of our afternoon. I’m sure if we were drinkers we would have spent longer at the bar.

We began wandering around Mitte after the museum. We saw the Brandenburg Gate, The Jewish Memorial Garden and then walked over to the Reichstag. Unfortunately we couldn’t go into the Reichstag but it’s an amazing building.

Brandenburg Gate

Whilst waiting around at the Brandenburg Gate I saw these amazing seven seater bikes! I was so sad there were only two of us, I vow to return to Berlin with more people so I can have a go on these next time round!

So who wants to ride on this with me?!

Judge me all you want but after all this, it was getting late and I had room in my belly for food. I’d been recommended Dolores by a friend, which was located in Mitte so dinner was an obvious choice.

I was impressed by Dolores, it’s not 100% veggie or vegan but it has great vegan options and was great for fast food in a casual atmosphere, just what we needed after a long day of wandering.

I went for the Vegan Lover Burrito; soy meat, guac, peanut sauce, rice, beans, veggies and salad. It was a great burrito, it was a bit of a novelty to finally have one with faux meat in it and the peanut sauce was weirdly great. It also finished me off, so we returned to the apartment to pack and plan our last few hours in this amazing city.

The Vegan Lover Burrito



2 thoughts on “A Vegan in Berlin: Day 5

  1. I loved The Ramones Museum and I'm super jealous of you Veganz waffle cart experience – awesome! The cake you had at Cafe Vux looks amazing, Nick and I went all the way out there once and the dude behind the counter was SO rude to us that we left without getting anything. Such a shitty experience!


  2. The waffle was great, and only a euro for a segment which was very reasonable and stopped me from eating a whole one!

    I'm so sorry you had a crappy experience, that sounds familiar, I must have read it on your blog. The staff there weren't overly friendly but were okay. How long ago was it? If it wasn't such great cake I'd say don't bother, but perhaps if you're in the area you could give it another go? I know it's easy for me to say, I'm very stubborn when I have a shit experience and vow to never return!


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