A Vegan in Berlin: Day 6

I couldn’t believe it! Our last day was already here! We got up early to eat the last of our ever growing collection of faux meats and cheeses for breakfast, pack up our stuff and clean the apartment before we left. I left it to the last minute to pack up my frozen goodies to bring back home in my cooler. How impressed are you that I came prepared?!


We left the apartment and got on a bus to Berlin Hauptbahnhof so we could drop off our luggage in the left luggage lockers. I was really pleased that both our suitcases managed to fit in the one locker and we only had to pay six euros for the day. It was definitely worth it and allowed us a lot more freedom with our day. Our train wasn’t leaving until around 8pm so we jumped on a DOUBLE DECKER TRAIN!!!* to give Dr Pogo another try.

Before going into Dr Pogo we went back to Cafe Vux because goddamn that cake is great. I got myself a cheesecake and Fritz Kola to eat in and a Sachertorte to take for the 13 hour train journey that evening. Again, it was a great experience, even if I had to endure Jake giving me his judgey-eyed ‘can’t believe you’re doing this all over again’ look.

Lovely cheesecake
Just a small selection of cakes available. So pretty!

I was delighted to see Dr Pogo open for business. Now that I’m reviewing it properly I’ll tell you a bit more about it. Like I mentioned in my previous post it’s a workers co-operative. What does that mean? It means they have no hierarchy, no bosses, equal pay, equal decision making etc. Their two aims are to create self managing employment and to offer a wide range of vegan food at fair prices. Awesome right?

Packed shelves at Dr Pogo

I got excited just by looking at the display window. So many goodies lined up! As I walked inside I instantly thought of Unicorn Grocery, The Eighth Day and Single Step. This shop was everything that I think Veganz should be. They had a wide selection of European faux meats and cheeses (none of the US ones except for Tofutti, which I think is great as stuff isn’t flown over) like Veganz has but it’s not overkill. There were so many more interesting products that I would not have easily found elsewhere/couldn’t just order online that I came across. All at far more reasonable prices too.

The fruit and veg section was bright, vibrant and tempting. The pet food section was superior to Veganz too, they actually had a wet vegan cat food! I picked some up for our toothless Aidah as an extra to her non vegan food as she often takes a swipe at the tofu on my plate. There was a great wines/beers section which helped us choose some decent gifts, a selection of German cookbooks, a counter that served drinks, fresh bread/cakes and a stand with some vegan/animal rights tees/hoodies too. The rest of the shop was general grocery stuff, wholefoods, dips, spreads, jams, chocolate etc. If I were to ever move to Berlin I’d need to be within shopping distance of Dr Pogo, I could definitely get a decent weekly shop from there and it wouldn’t financially kill me.

Great pet food selection
Tempting veg!

After gathering all that I could carry we popped back to Coretex in Kreuzberg to get a few more things. By this point I was getting hungry again and I had two places in mind. First of all, we needed to get hold of vegan currywurst. I’m in Germany dammit! I could not leave without it. Secondly Zeus pizza needed to be revisited. Luckily for me Frittier Salon (a restaurant famous for its burgers) is just opposite Zeus. Perfect! I like it when a plan comes together.

We went to Frittier Salon first and ordered a currywurst each and some fries to share. This was definitely worth the wait. I’d never had currywurst before but I love it! As we had lots of time to kill and not too many plans we hung around for a while before discreetly crossing the street to sit outside Zeus.


It took no time to order this time round, I went for the garlic mushroom Pide pizza. I’d been dreaming of this. It was fricking great. I was pretty full from currywurst but obviously that didn’t stop me. Time was getting short and I had one more place I wanted to visit before we left Berlin.

Pide Perfection!

Kadtler, a hidden gem

I’d read about Kadtler on Vegan in Brighton’s blog and I was determined to get over there and try some traditional German baked goods. Luckily it was a little far out so I had time to walk off the two meals I’d just eaten. I’d read online about what was vegan beforehand and had the webpage up to guide me as I knew we were out of the touristy area and my German, whilst not awful is a little ropey. I was a little sad to see that we’d come a bit late and that there wasn’t much in the counter. I panicked that all the vegan options were gone and all the vegan option names went out of my head. I think the member of staff serving saw my despair and although she didn’t speak English was very helpful at pointing out what was vegan when I explained. There were lots of breads and one sweet, the apfelkuchen. I went for the cake!

I was way too full to eat it then so I saved it for my train journey. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it but it was great and tasty and when I return to Berlin I’ll be going back in the early hours so I can buy everything!

Even though in Europe people don’t turn up for their trains early, my travel anxiety meant that I had to get myself there a little early. It was a good opportunity to visit the shops inside the station, look at Berlin merch that we couldn’t afford and to stock up on supplies for the ridiculously long journey home. We did have around an hour where we just sat down and felt very sad that we were leaving.

Berlin is such an amazing city and 6 days was nowhere near enough to see and do everything I’d like to do. I am a little proud that I managed to get a good mix of touristy stuff in with all the food. I have a habit of visiting vegan friendly places and just waddling from one restaurant to the next, which is tasty but ultimately not the only reason I like to travel.

I have a few more great things I came across/noticed/enjoyed that haven’t really fit in with my day to day reviews so I’ll be putting together a round up and extra tips post up tomorrow, so stay tuned for more!

* The double decker train is one of the single best life experiences ever. I’m so sad that we will never have them in the UK.


3 thoughts on “A Vegan in Berlin: Day 6

  1. Just caught up on all your Berlin posts – what a great read! It's ten years since I went and I wasn't vegan then. I figure that seeing as I did all the cultural stuff on that trip I should do another one just to check out all the amazing food places! Oh and the Ramones museum.


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