Berlin Round Up

So, I’ve already blogged about all the day to day fun I had in Berlin in parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. These posts are pretty long though and they didn’t include everything I loved about this city, so here’s a round up post. I’ll list all the places I visited at the bottom of this post but before that, here’s some extra great things about Berlin.

Manner Wafers

So, someone gave me a heads up about these, because I would never have thought to look. They’re these amazing hazelnut chocolate wafers that can be found in the majority of shops in Berlin but more importantly in the vending machines on most U-Bahn platforms. I brought so many of these back with me it was ridiculous. Everytime we caught the U-Bahn it would be like a race to see how many I could buy before our 2 minute wait was up. Luckily for me I’ve found somewhere in Manchester that stocks them, so my addiction can continue (Barbakan in Chorlton if anyone is interested)

Organic Grocery Stores

The city is full of them! Look out for Bio Company, Vitalia Reformhaus and Denns Biomarkt. Obviously not strictly vegan but all of these places have tons of vegan stuff, including slices of cheeze, hams, salames, pates, spreads, dips. They have it all! It’s also very clearly labelled vegan, which makes things super easy if you’re German isn’t great.


So good! So unbelievably good! The day/week passes are awesome, they let you go on everything from U-Bahn, to S Bahn, to busses to DOUBLE DECKER TRAINS! The connections are great, the services are punctual and it really doesn’t take long to get from one end of the city to the other. Just remember when purchasing your day/week ticket to get it validated before you travel. There are no barriers in Berlin, it works on an honor system but occasionally people will check if your ticket is validated. IIRC they were pretty obvious big yellow machines placed all over platforms.

Bike friendly

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to cycle in Berlin but I am definitely planning on hiring a bike next time round. The cycle lanes are placed in the middle of traffic on busy roads, it may sound scary but cyclists are in view to motorists. Cycle lanes also didn’t have cars parked on them, nor were there any lamp posts in the middle of them either! I noticed a lot of bikes that were left outside of shops unlocked. I couldn’t believe it! Bike theft must be very low.

Lovely people

I really did find that a little bit of German went a long way. Everyone was really helpful when I had questions/queries but I definitely think it helped that they could see me trying to speak their language. I was a little put out when I kept speaking German and they just replied in English, but dammit I persevered!


This is the cheapest city I’ve ever visited. Everything was reasonably priced, our apartment was a great price, travel was dirt cheap, most food wasn’t too expensive but on the odd occasion we paid more we could see why. Occasionally the organic shops could be pricey, but I guess that’s just organic for you. It was mostly the price of specialist items though, and juice seemed to be pretty expensive too.

Round Up


Berliner Eis
Zeus Pizza
Oh La La
Yellow Sunshine
Cafe Vux
Dr Pogo
Frittier Salon

Touristy Stuff
Asisi Panorama
Judisches Museum
Panorama Punkt
Museum fur Film und Fernsehen
East Side Gallery
Ramones Museum
Brandenburg Gate
The Reichstag


6 thoughts on “Berlin Round Up

  1. We got an apartment from Oh Berlin in what was descriped as Kreuzberg but was really Kochstrasse (checkpoint charlie). It was pretty easy to get around though, I would link you to the apartment but there were some seriously dodgy electrics so not the best place to stay! Was cheap though, about £230 for 5 nights for 2 people


  2. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading all your Berlin posts, very informative and they made me so food envious! Its definitely a place I will visit in fact I can't believe I haven't already! Thank you for sharing! :o)


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