Vegan Life Magazine

A brand spanking new vegan magazine has just hit the supermarket shelves and I’m feeling really excited to tell you about it.

A few months ago, I was contacted by the creators of Vegan Life Magazine and asked whether I would be interested in taking part in their blogger outreach programme, which aims to bring together a community of bloggers to work alongside the magazine. Myself and some other awesome bloggers will receive a digital copy of the magazine to review each issue. I thought this was a great idea! I couldn’t refuse.
I was a little wary of what my feelings would be on the magazine. I don’t really buy veggie/vegan related magazines because quite often they don’t appeal to me. I was fed up spending money on magazines that I felt only represented a small part of the vegan community, and it was not the part that I was involved in or had any interest in. I’m not a vegan runner, I don’t care about celebrity vegans, I’m not really into the whole health/nutrition side of things and whilst I love to cook, the recipes were often uninspiring. And I will never buy a magazine with an advertisement of vegan supplements as it’s cover – that does not define veganism to me. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with enjoying these aspects of veganism but it does not appeal to me and I feel the magazines on offer do not truly represent what veganism is and the direction it’s going in right now. 
Well, I’m pleased to report that things are definitely heading in the right direction with Vegan Life. There is so much packed into this issue that covers a whole range of issues, topics and interests. On my first flick through I loved the “What’s New?” page, which shows a selection of new products on the vegan market and the “Favourite Books” page which has pointed me in the direction of a few new books/authors that I’ve not heard of. The selection of recipes inside also caught my eye (Dumplings and Pad Thai Summer Rolls are on my to do list!) and I was pleased to see both simple and more complex recipes available. When I went back and read through again, some longer, more detailed articles caught my eye. The story of P.S It’s Vegan bakery starting up, leading to baker Jennifer Dunn organising Colchester’s very first vegan fair was an inspiring read. I also enjoyed the article Have A Go Heroes, which detailed the rescue of thousands of the battery hens that were injured during a crash on the way to the slaughterhouse on the M62.
Yes, there were a few nutrition/cleanse based articles and yes, there was a mention of vegan runners but I don’t mind that here because there is so much more that I found myself getting stuck into. It was great to look through a vegan lifestyle magazine that will appeal to a wider audience, that is accessible to both vegans and non vegans and reflects a variety of things going on within the vegan community today.
Vegan Life has officially launched, it can now be found in print at a selection of supermarkets and independent shops, as well as digitally through their app. Subscriptions are not just limited to those in the UK either, Vegan Life is available internationally too. There are three subscription packages available, for 6 issues a year
1) UK subscriptions – £14.50
2) European subscriptions – £31.42
3) The rest of the world – £37.30
If subscriptions are not for you and you only want to grab a copy every now and then, individual copies retail at £3.95…not bad if you want some light reading for a long train journey.
Head on over to the website for a sneak preview or if you’ve heard enough and want to subscribe, click here.
I’m looking forward to laying my eyes on the next issue and also pretty damn excited to see a vegan magazine in the mainstream.

One thought on “Vegan Life Magazine

  1. Congratulations on being part of the blogger outreach programme! I bought the magazine as a single copy before I subscribed, just in case. But I needn't have worried the magazine is packed full of interesting articles and some great recipes too :o)


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