Vegan Mofo 2014

It’s back!

Vegan Mofo 2014 has officially come round again and of course I’ve signed up to take part. Whilst last year was a bit of a failure (I only managed 13 posts), I’m determined to do it properly this year, I’ve decided to try and go for the full 30 posts. Unfortunately I decided all this two weeks ago, which I thought was loads of time. I was sitting around with a print out calendar of September feeling really smug that I had my theme sorted, most of the days planned and 4 recipes under my belt. “I’m great” I was thinking to myself “I can do this easily”…and then of course I began reading all the tweets from expert Mofo bloggers who already have most of their posts drafted up…
And then the panic set in. Shiiiit.
But let’s forget all that. I’m going to bloody do this. I might go insane, my head might explode with stress and I’m sure this will cause a few disasters in the kitchen along the way but I will do this, dammit! I have a list of ideas and a highlighter, everything is going to be fine!
And so I feel that with all the madness kicking off over the next few days, I can finally reveal my theme. Last year I did a monthly theme on Seasonal Cooking and this year I decided to stick with just one theme again.
Bizarre and Outdated Cookbooks
Yeah. Look at these beauties. These are just some of the cookbooks I’ll be using as inspiration for the whole of September. Some of them are gloriously tacky and incredibly outdated, some are a little more recent but just plain weird. I have cooked some crazy stuff over the last few weeks and I’ve barely made a dent in my plan. I’m hoping there will be more laughter than there are tears but some of the things I have planned out are terrifying. To take a little pressure off myself, I’ve brought my collection of old vegan cookbooks into the mix but I will be veganising a lot of meaty/cheesy/eggy dishes from some awesome charity shop finds as well.
I am so excited for Mofo 2014!ย 
Bring it on!

12 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo 2014

  1. I signed up 2 weeks ago too and thought yeah, loads of time, then I cooked & photographed without memory card, ate & when I came to upload photos I realised what I'd done! Arghhhh now I'm panicking. Last year I posted everyday this year I'm not so sure….. Looking forward to reading your posts :o)


  2. I'm umming and ahhing about whether to experiment with vegan marshmallow for one of the recipes in the Roald Dahl book, if I can pull it off it would be AMAZING!

    Rainbows and Wellies is great because it's old school hotel style food but it's safe because I know Tony Bishop Weston is an amazing vegan cook


  3. What an awesome, quirky theme! Can't wait to see all the recipes you post.

    And I'm right there by your side with the panicking. You at least have four recipes, I only have one, and I already posted it! LOL

    I'm cutting it really close this time. But I know it's going to be fun. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I have most of my posts queued already, but that's only because I thought that vegamofo was going to be moved up to August this year! So yeah, I got started way back in June. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love the theme! Where do you find all these gems?


  5. Thanks! Mostly from really rubbish charity shops that are selling these kind of books on dirt cheap. A few second hand bookshops and a tiny amount I found second hand online. I had a few donations from friends once they heard what I was up to as well!


  6. I have some of those outdated books, they made me smile. I have a vegetarian cook book picked up from Oxfam a few years back called Better Than Sex Cookbook, its so 1980s, but I like it. Looking forward to your recipes.


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