Vegan Mofo: Nuttolene Supper Dish

There are certain vegan products that seem to have been around since the dawn of veganism. A lot of them no longer exist, I just hear about them from people who have been vegan a long time. A few of them are still around on the shelves of our local health food shops. They’re a bit of a mystery to me as I’ve never tried them. Sometimes I’ll stare at them with a glint of curiosity in my eyes. On a few occasions I’ve even picked them up. I’ll examine the ingredients while my mind battles over whether I should give this product a chance. “It must be good” I tell myself “it’s been around since forever!” and then I’ll notice the thick layer of dust resting on the top of the can and my eyes will begin to wander over to a new brand of vegan cheese, the bizarre tin of vegetable protein is soon forgotten.

One of the products I’m talking is Nut Luncheon (previously named Nuttolene). It comes in a tin and it’s only ingredients are peanuts, water and salt. It was originally made by Granose but is now a Granovita product. And look what ancient cookbook I came across recently…
Yep, the Granose cookbook. A small booklet of recipes using products that I’m too scared to buy. I’ve gotta say, this theme is really pushing my boundaries.
Nuttolene Supper Dish
  • 1 can nut luncheon
  • 50g plain flour
  • 50g soya butter
  • 500ml soya milk
  • 1 onion, finely chopped
  • 1/2 tin tomatoes
  • Salt
  1. Fry the onion in the margarine until soft.
  2. Add the flour and stir until a paste is formed. Add the milk and continue to stir until thickened.
  3. Chop the nut luncheon into small dice and add with the tinned tomato to the sauce
  4. Cook through for 10 minutes or so
Serves 4

So before I go into details I’d like to point out that I’m aware that this dish looks like a combination of pus and vomit.and I was aware with every single mouthful.
How did it taste? Well considering it looked vile it was okay, not offensive to me anyway. I actually think the nut luncheon would be nice chopped up in a stir fry or a casserole. It was…no surprises here…nutty! It was a pain in the arse getting it out of the tin though. I imagined it would just be a case of opening the tin and the weird nutty log just sliding out. No. I used my can opener on both ends and gave a push and that stuff does not budge. I had to hack it out with a sharp knife and it all got pretty messy.
Overall I thought it would be much much worse, but I can’t say I’ll be going back to this cookbook in a hurry.

One of the things I love about Mofo most is that it’s an international thing, I love seeing posts that are written from different countries. in different languages, even if I can’t completely understand what they say. So check out this Himbeer Shoko-Mud Cake from Avilia’s Way and this Mango Crumble Cake from Fieke Fatjerietjes

14 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo: Nuttolene Supper Dish

  1. I have the same sort of thing with all the strange products I see in health food stores! I've totally picked something up and noticed it's super super dusty. I don't know any very-long-time vegans so I have nobody to ask.

    I did used to have nut roast every Christmas at my Granny's house. It was the stereotypical “She's not eating turkey” thing.


  2. I tried this bit luncheon a couple of times but gave up eventually. The taste is alright when you fry it or like you say, use it in a casserole, but the texture is odd and always seems to be smushy. There are just other things is rather spend my money on!


  3. A friend of mine introduced me to nuttolene a few years ago while I was visiting England and I actually like it! I do tend to fry it up in a stir-fry though. I've scoured the internet for recipes to make it myself, but it seems a bit complicated! I am super curious what else that cookbook contains!

    Nicole @ Vegan Nom Noms


  4. The trick is to open both ends with a tin opener then slide a thin knife round the inside of the tin, then it's easier to push out. I grew up on Nuttolean. I've heard that my gran used to use it for a casserole but I'm not sure of the recipe. I'm also interested to see more of the recipes. Where did you get the booklet? 🙂


  5. Well, I think I proved what everybody always said: I am a bit odd. I ate nut luncheon for the first time yesterday and I loved it. And I am eating out of the tin, pure, raw and loving it.


  6. I also grew up eating nuttolene and I am now 60. Have eaten it my whole life, cannot resist a few chunks straight out of the tin! The tip above on opening and extracting is spot on, have always done it this way, it works for other difficult to remove foodstuffs as well. Nuttolene works best in a stir fry we have found, my mother would make us kids a nuttolene casserole every Saturday in the 60’s – ahead of her time I think. A similar product which is still around is mock duck – not so good we think, as kids we used to call it dog muck…… I would urge you to give it another go, you can use nuttolene as a meat substitute in most dishes.


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