Vegfest and Mofo ’14 Goodbyes

I feel a bit crazy posting the day after Mofo finishes, I am in desperate need of a blogging break but I felt like my final post yesterday didn’t quite round up Mofo as well as it could have and I also knew that if I didn’t write my bit on London’s Vegfest over the next few days, I just wouldn’t get round to it at all.

I’ll start with  my Vegfest roundup. I’m going to keep it brief because I didn’t take any photos of it at all. It was partly because I was volunteering on a campaigns stall and I was more interested in stocking up on what I wanted on my breaks rather than trying to take nice photos amongst the crowds. I did however, take a photo of my haul, it includes; Vego bars, chia seeds, veggie prawn crackers (cucumber, sweet potato and mushroom flavours), Hoots baked flavoured bread snack things, lots of Consider It chocolate (so bloody good), some fudge and a few bags of No No’s from Vegan Tuck Box.

A few things are missing, a few of the doughnuts from Fat Vegan Bakery ( formerly known as JP Turner, I’ll
get back to that later), the Maki roll I had from Happy Maki and the Banh Mi Buddha from Happy Ghekko. The savoury stuff I ate was awesome, though by the looks of other reviews I feel like I struck lucky on that and picked some of the best bits of the show.

I feel like I’m either over those big cream filled doughnuts or the quality has gone downhill, they’re not something I get hold of often so it’s hard to tell. They’re huge and beautiful and full of sugar which is always good but I struggled with the chocolate flavoured stuff I got from there. The icing tasted really metallic and had no chocolate flavour in it at all. I bought one of those long almond twists, which is covered in loads of icing…and then the woman serving it to me placed it face down in a plastic bag. Great. I lost all the icing and it was so sticky and annoying to eat that I just didn’t enjoy it. Which kind of brings to me to their packaging, it’s really not good enough if you’re wanting to take the treats from there home. I took a cream filled doughnut home and by the time it got there the paper bag had caused all the icing to sweat off into it. So I was left with wet pastry and cream. I’ve felt this before and I felt it again this year, that just the general attitude and manner of the staff on that stall is poor. Last year I put it down to me turning up when they were heaving with customers, but this year I went just as the fair opened and they just weren’t friendly or approachable at all. My friend asked what was in the vegetable pie they were selling and got the response ‘I dunno, just vegetables’ and they gave off the impression that they didn’t really give a crap about much, which doesn’t give me a lot of confidence when they aren’t a vegan company.

I had a cake from V Delicious that was supposed to be hazelnut but had shitloads of almond extract in it. Not good. I’m not a fan of loads of almond, though the sponge was light and fluffy. Had the right flavour been there I know I’d have liked it. They did some cookie sandwiches which were really tasty.

I went to go see fellow Mofo blogger Jojo give a talk about vegan travel on the Saturday afternoon. While I was waiting for it to begin, I bumped into my friend and Manchester based blogger Tea and Sympatico!The talk was great. Speaking to Jojo afterwards she said she was really nervous, but I couldn’t tell at all. She c-ame across really confident and was just a great speaker to listen to, loads of experience, advice and tips but told in a fun way that kept people interested. There was even pass the parcel. I can’t convey to you how great that was! Once the talk had finished, I got round to speaking to Jojo and then met some other Mofo bloggers! It was ace, I met Laughfrodisiac and Alien on Toast. We all got a photo taken together, you can see it on Jojo’s post here

Overall the fair was pretty good, I spent a lot of my time on a stall, but I got to see some good stuff. It is a hard place for campaigns as the emphasis is on food, so a lot of people would rather spend their money on treats. Campaigns kind of get looked over a bit, which is a shame. I was a little disappointed to see a few stall holders that I don’t consider to be particularly vegan or ethical. I do feel like veganism is big enough these days that you can be picky over who attends the event, but then I’m not an organiser so there may be something I don’t know. I had a bit of an argument with a tea and coffee vendor who had non vegan hot chocolate powder on display and simply shrugged his shoulders when politely informed that it was not vegan and he was at a vegan fair. It was eventually removed after we persisted but it shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Also, considering the price of tickets, I think it’s a bit stingy to charge people for programmes. Luckily I got in free but even stallholders didn’t get a free programme and I refused to pay for one.

Back to Mofo ’14, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed myself this month. The last few years my blog has been on a bit of a slump. I haven’t been motivated to post, I’ve let life get in the way and haven’t given it that much needed push to get it back up and running. I feel that Mofo has brought it back to life a bit and I really want to start blogging again, I’ve loved every moment of it. I’ve enjoyed posting, reading others posts and getting involved in the community part of it all.

Obviously there have been some tough times, my theme hasn’t been the easiest to keep up with. I think I got to around day 20 when I really started to regret my theme, but I stuck with it and mostly it wasn’t too bad. Even on the bad days it was always kind of funny. I am determined to have a theme I’ll really enjoy next year though and I’m already working on ideas. I want to be a little more prepared next time. I’m super proud of myself for reaching over 30 posts this month, I only managed 13 last year and failed miserably. Despite telling you all I was going to do it this year, I didn’t actually believe that I would! So yay! Go me!

I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout the month, I can’t tell you how much your comments have spurred me on. I’ve done my best to keep up with favourite blogs and come across new ones but I’m sure I’ll still be trawling through the feed list looking for all the amazing things I’ve missed.

Thanks again, it’s been awesome. Bring on next year!

I think the next few months will be low fat, low sugar recipes full of veg and pulses. I’ve gotten through around 4 pots of Pure soya butter over the last month and I’m missing vegetables. So keep your eyes peeled, I promise I’ll come back and post this time!


5 thoughts on “Vegfest and Mofo ’14 Goodbyes

  1. Loved your vegan mofo theme – really entertaining but also interesting to see the sorts of recipes that were posted in yesteryear and how they hold up today with a vegan preparing them. I had time for some historic recipes when I was first blogging but somehow I just don't have so much time for the food history these days so loved reading yours. Good luck with your blogging mojo. And interesting to hear about your vegfest experiences.


  2. It was my first time at 'Vegfest' and really enjoyed it. I'm eating my No No's at this very moment 🙂 I had an apple strudel from BFVB and loved it although come to think of it it was a bit soggy and sticky. I didn't fancy anything with cream in as it looked too much. Do you know if Vegan mofo is at the same time every year? I was too late to participate this year and next year around this time I shall be on holiday.


  3. Wow, posting the day after mofo shows some serious blogger dedication! I'm not a fan of BFVB, they have stalls in Brighton under different names but when you ask them what's vegan they never have anything. It makes me suspicious. I can't believe I forgot I buy any No No's, so silly!! Thank you so much for the kind words about my talk, I'm so glad you enjoyed it and it was super cool to meet you.


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