Vegan Life Issue 2

Time seems to be flying by, as it’s already time for me to review the next issue of Vegan Life Magazine! The back pain I mentioned in my previous post has been ongoing, so I was delighted to have this copy of Vegan Life waiting on my tablet to entertain me while I was confined to the sofa.
I know it’s a bit too early to get excited about Christmas, but this issue made it impossible not to. I’ve officially started Christmas planning early thanks to Vegan Life! Obviously it was the recipes that first caught my eye. I was drooling at the idea of the Lentil Mushroom Crumble and Christmas Pudding Cake recipes. It was nice to see dishes with traditional Christmas flavours/ingredients but with a spin on them. I’m sure I’m not the only vegan who gets tired of the same old frozen nut roast year after year.
 There are also a few recipes taken from the new book Vegan Finger Foods, presented as Festive Finger Food ideas.  I already have the book, but these recipes got me pulling it off the bookshelf again and taking a closer look with Christmas in mind. Spinach Swirls and Chocolate Nut Butter Cups were just a few of the recipes shared and they look so tempting that they’re guaranteed to impress. I really like that Vegan Life thought of adding this selection,  it’s a great idea for people who aren’t in control of the kitchen on the day and want to bring food that can be prepared in advance and then shared amongst family and friends.
To aid the Christmas preparations is the article Your Cruelty Free Christmas, which offers advice on how to deal with your first vegan Christmas in a positive way for both you and the non vegans you may spend the day with. I remember how difficult my first vegan Christmas was and wish I’d had this advice on hand 7 years ago! Cooking your first vegan Christmas dinner can also be very daunting, so I really enjoyed the suggestions for starters, main courses and puddings. I think this article is good for both new and old vegans, the food suggestions in particular can be passed on to whoever is cooking to give inspiration.
Of course, only a small part of the magazine is focussed on Christmas and there was plenty more for me to enjoy, including an article on the workers co-operative Suma, the Veganuary campaign and a little piece on my favourite vegan social event, Cake Liberation Front!

But honestly? I loved the Christmas ideas the most. I don’t usually get this excited about the holidays but I’m having a vegan Christmas with friends this year and cannot wait to eat all the tasty foods. I’ll definitely keep my copy of Vegan Life handy for inspiration. Can’t wait for the next issue!

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