Chapati Cafe

I’d never heard of ‘Rice & 3’ until I came to Manchester. I don’t know if it’s a Manchester thing or just a Northern thing, but I don’t care, I love it! The idea is simple, it’s just 3 types of simple curry served with rice (sometimes you can pick chapatti or chips instead) usually all for under a fiver. I love it because there’s usually decent vegan options available at these places so you get a good choice, it’s fast, tasty and cheap. It’s  a great choice for lunch or for a pre gig dinner when you’re out and about in Manchester.

You cannot imagine how thrilled I was when Chorlton received it’s very own version of Rice & 3 when Chapati Cafe arrived! I live close to and work in Chorlton, so I was super excited to try it out. I’ve actually been 4-5 times since it opened but usually on my 45 minute lunch break, so never had time to get some photos…until now.

I popped in last week and had another fantastic lunch there, so thought I’d finally write about it on here!

Chapati has a lot of choice for vegetarians and vegans. There’s a choice of the Veg Thali (which is rice & 3) for just £4. Or, if you fancy something lighter you can get a Veg Wrap for £2.50, which is a choice of one or two of the curries in a chapati wrap with salad. Things like Samosas, Kachoris, Poppadoms and Chapati’s are extra, but very cheap, so it’s affordable to add on some extras.

I’ve only ever gone for the Thali, which has always been fantastic. There’s always 4 veggie dishes to choose from and they’re usually all vegan, just check on the day. This time round I had the dal, potato curry and mung bean curry, which was served with rice, salad and a choice of dips. The tamarind dip is AMAZING, I definitely recommend that. I also had poppadom and kachori to go with it.

My partner was with me and went for the potato curry veg wrap, which he really enjoyed.

I love these curries, they’re simple but they’re full of flavour. Some of the Rice & 3’s in the town centre have curries that are so greasy and tasteless, but these are opposite. Service is quick and the staff are always really friendly and helpful.

The dining area is simple and basic again, but clean and tidy. I never feel like I’m rushed to leave either and despite the cafe being fairly small, there’s plenty of space to sit and space between tables too, so you’re not all crammed in together.

I really love Chapati Cafe. A good quality, affordable Rice & 3 has been a long time coming in Chorlton and it’s definitely somewhere I’ll be going again and again.


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