Return to Berlin – Day 2

Our second day in Berlin was my partners birthday so we had a nice lay in and I cooked a tasty breakfast of schnitzel, sausages, scrambled tofu (using Vitam’s awesome scramble seasoning), bread, cream cheese, ‘meaty’ slices and little choc chip toasts.

I originally planned to do loads of fun touristy stuff on this day but I was struggling to be on my feet for long, so we decided to spend the day wandering and eating. We headed over to Warschauer Strasse first because my partner wanted to take a look round Veganz. For anyone who hasn’t read about my last trip, whilst I think Veganz is an awesome idea, I’ve never been that impressed with it compared to other vegan shops such as Unicorn in Manchester and Dr Pogo in Neukoln. It is always fun to have a look around and see what’s new though, so we had a good mooch in there. I only left with a Sweet & Sara Smore but my partner decided to try these popular treats from Premium Chocolatiers in the US

I fell in love with No Nos when I bought a few bags from Vegan Tuck Box last summer, so was expecting great things. These other two products are just not as addictive. The No Wheys were just okay, the Peanot Cups were just weird. So sickly sweet, I had one and that was enough. They didn’t taste like peanut butter (they use that fake stuff that’s been kicking around health food shops recently) but I don’t blame that product for the weird taste as I’ve had it myself and it’s pretty good, I think it’s just the amount of sugar in there. It was ‘orrible!

After our trip to Veganz we were hungry enough to head back to an old favourite, Oh La La. I was so excited to go back, I love this place. Beautiful pastries, cakes and sweet treats and the most delicious crepes I’ve ever had. It was packed when we arrived so we had to hang around for a while until people filtered out. It was a little annoying that there were a few groups of people who just seemed to have one drink and were using the cafe to study, it’s just not a big enough space to do that kind of thing. That’s not the fault of Oh La La though and once we had a seat service was really quick.

I went for Broccoli Cheese and Almond crepe. AHMAGAD. I missed these. So good. So bloody good. I was so sad that I was too full of a sweet crepe but I managed to leave with my favourite Oh La La treat ever, the chocolate syrup bomb disguised as a cake. I got syrup all over my face again and it was great.

Whilst we were eating crepes I rang ahead to Viasko to book a table for the evening. I never want to speak German over the phone again but thankfully the person I spoke to was very helpful! We had a while until we had to be there so we mooched around the shops in Friedrichshain before heading over to Coretex Records in Kreuzberg.

After an afternoon of wandering I was getting pretty hungry for Viasko. This is another Berlin favourite of mine and my go to restaurant for a proper nice sit down meal.

I decided to go for a lighter starter and picked the avocado salad. I’m pretty fussy with salads and have high expectations. I wasn’t disappointed! The avocado was rolled in poppy and sesame seeds and the dressing was delicious. I didn’t even mind the sprouts on the top of the salad and I usually HATE sprouts! I’m not that kind of vegan!

There were some great choices for main but I couldn’t stop myself going for the Gyros plate again. Ah this meaty, salty, garlicky classic. It’s one of my favourite meals ever. I love it.

I was so full after my main that under normal circumstances I would have refused dessert. Something in particular had caught my eye as soon as I opened up the menu…Wanton Lasagne. What. The. Hell? I had to find out what I’d be presented with if I ordered this.

Oh my. Look at it. So beautiful. The dessert consisted of deep fried wanton wrappers that were used to sandwich white and dark chocolate mousse, topped with raspberry coulis. I cannot describe how great this was. I just can’t. It worked so well. The mousse was so deliciously sweet and rich, the combination of that, the wonton and the coulis was awesome. The sourness from the coulis cut through the sweet so it wasn’t too much. Beautiful.

The dessert left me with a fuzzy feeling for the rest of the night. It was a struggle to get back to the apartment but I managed it. I was too full to sleep straight away, so spent the evening plotting my biggest food day ever.


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