Return to Berlin – Day 3

We woke up bright and early on our third day in Berlin. My back was feeling slightly better so we decided to go and explore Hackescher Hofe, which is lots of enclosed courtyards joined together. Most of them are designer shops, so we didn’t spent much money there because it was expensive, but there were a few interesting places and it was fun to browse, the courtyards were really cool.

There were some cool gift shops there and I particularly liked Eat Berlin which had some great traditional foody gifts like curry wurst powder, perfect for making quick and easy veggie currywurst at home. I love the branding of the bear literally eating Berlin, I feel it represented my relationship with the city!

When we’d done enough browsing we decided to head towards Chaos Theorie but we managed to get distracted along the way. No idea what this place is called, but right by Hackescher Hof is a side street that is covered in great street art. At the end of the street is a building that has a comic/art shop that was hosting a temporary German Comic museum. We spent ages in there, the pop up museum was great and I fell in love with loads of prints in that place. We left when we couldn’t deal with our hunger pains any longer.


I’d heard a lot of great stuff about Chaos Theorie so I was super excited to go. It was a lot smaller than I expected but it wasn’t too busy and we had a really friendly member of staff who looked after us, which is a plus side to being in a small space.

The menu looked so frigging good and it was all completely vegan, it reminded me a lot of V Revolution in Manchester. I decided to go for a meatball toasty and a mint hot chocolate. My partner went for a ham and cheese toasted croissant and got a chocolate speculoos croissant too, which we shared.


Everything was amazing. That meatball toasty was awesome, so awesome! It wasn’t just some measly toasty with a thin layer of filling, this thing was packed. I loved the cheese they used, whatever it was it was great. The chocolate speculoos croissant was also amazing, I wish I’d picked a croissant instead of bread for my savoury toasty!

When we were able to move again, we left to head over to Neukolln. I’d read about a vegetarian swedish bakery called Cafe Valentin on Happy Cow, so I wanted to go take a peek. It was pretty out of the way but luckily we had time to kill and there were loads of cool places elsewhere in Neukolln that we had plans to visit. When I got there I was a little disappointed, only because the description on Happy Cow made me think it was a proper bakery. In reality it was a small cafe that bakes lots of cakes, which is never a bad thing! We went there a little late in the day and I was lucky that they’d just finished making a vegan cake. There was only one option but I guess there could have been more earlier on in the day? I was completely stuffed from my toasties so I asked to have a slice to go. It was a vanilla sponge topped with strawberry jam. I had it for breakfast the following day, it was a simple cake but it was really delicious.

We left Cafe Valentin for Dr Pogo. I couldn’t wait to get myself back there again. I wrote about my last visit, so if you’d like more details then head over to my post from last May. I love this shop, it’s really great and the staff are so nice. This is definitely the vegan shop to get most excited about in Berlin.

Obviously after Dr Pogo we had to go round the corner to Cafe Vux. I was still way too full for cake but we decided to sit in and have a drink as we had time to kill before we could head over to Sfizy Veg for dinner. We ordered a few Fritz Kolas and I got some amazing cake to go. Like Dr Pogo, I’ve written about Cafe Vux before so check here for more details. Next time I go to Berlin I’m gonna have to try some of their savoury stuff as it sounds just as good as their cakes.

Finally it was time for dinner. We weren’t super hungry but I’d heard rumours that Sfizy Veg gets really rammed so I wanted to get over there early. When we arrived the place was completely full. The person serving us was really apologetic and friendly, giving us menus while we waited for a spare table. Luckily everyone eating there was aware of the limited space so we didn’t have to wait long. By the time we sat down, I knew what I wanted. Sfizy is a pizza restaurant and the choice is insane. Everything is vegan. There are more traditional pizzas like the ham and pineapple my partner ordered, margarita and salami. They also have some really weird options. Think about masala, stroganoff, avocado and even an egg bun double bacon cheese burger pizza. You heard me. Of course I had to go for the burger pizza.

Best pizza topping ever. It was a normal margarita pizza but with a burger slapped on it. The burger even had lettuce and mayo in it! It tasted so good, it was like two meals in one! Winning!!

I went back to the apartment a very happy vegan that night, although honestly, I was pretty concerned how I was going to eat the backlog of cake that was building up, especially as I had so many more places on my list. I went to sleep hoping that in the morning I’d wake up more hungry than ever!


4 thoughts on “Return to Berlin – Day 3

  1. *Drool* I'm so desperate to visit Berlin! We were planning to go for the Christmas Markets last year but never got round to booking it. Luckily it's my 30th this year and I'm using it as a reason to ensure we visit this Christmas!


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