Return to Berlin – Day 4

After the huge amount of food I’d eaten the day before, I woke up desperate to get out of the apartment and walk about. We had some cake for breakfast (obviously) before heading out to Mauerpark. It was pretty cold but the park was nice and it had a Denn’s Biomarkt opposite which was handy for stocking up on drinks and snacks.We spent the morning and early afternoon exploring the park and sitting around on swings! Woo!


I may have stuffed my face the day before but after all that slow walking around and sitting on swings, I was starting to get hungry again. Luckily for us, a completely vegan cafe, Fast Rabbit is opposite Mauerpark!


I was a little surprised when I saw the menu, it looked a lot healthier than I had expected. I thought it would be similar to Chaos Theorie. This was a relief to me really because after so much cake and sugar, I was ready to chow down on a healthy lunch. The menu consists of ‘dirty rolls’ which are either peanut or bbq styles of veggie wraps which can be combo’d with chips/salad or chips/salad AND soup. I was gentle on myself and just went with the peanut wrap with chips combo.

The food arrived really quickly and it was great. Despite it being healthier than I expected, it tasted pretty filthy when it was in my mouth. The wrap was bursting full of filling and flavour. It was so tasty, if it hadn’t left me so stuffed, I would have been tempted to get myself another wrap to go. I was too full to try the cookies and ice cream on sale but they all looked fantastic.

I decided that it was time to do something properly touristy that afternoon, so we headed towards Checkpoint Charlie to visit Topography of Terror. It was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to take any photos but this museum was definitely worth a visit, even if it was really upsetting to go through.

After the museum I needed to lighten my mood, so we popped into a shopping centre round the corner and had a browse. I found a great health store in there that stocked vegan cakes in jars and lots of Christmas treats, like Chocolate Nut Cake. I also had fun in a Berlin Merchandise shop that had a MASSIVE Berlin Bear! One day I’m hoping to buy my own Berlin Bear, but in order to do so I need to stop spending all my money on food!

After browsing the shops we decided to go check out the first night of Christmas Markets! Ah they were so fun! They still sell most of the same things that you’d find at the Manchester Christmas Markets but everything just seemed bigger and brighter! We had a very quick look around before we decided to go for burgers at Vego Foodworld.


Ah Vego, home of one of my favourite vegan chocolate bars.

I had pretty high expectations and I wasn’t disappointed. I ordered a Chick’n burger and a side of Calamari. They were both awesome, exactly what I felt like eating. Junk food at its best. This was very similar to Yellow Sunshine, which I visited back in May but slightly better because it’s 100% vegan.


That was pretty much it for day 4, stay tuned for more tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Return to Berlin – Day 4

  1. It's the best side order ever! I really wanna go back this summer but think I'm gonna take a year out to explore the UK and then maybe hit a few other cities in Germany the year after.

    Though I often think about squeezing a long weekend in there!


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