Return to Berlin – Day 5

At the time I fancied going to Berlin, a friend from work was wanting to go too, so I was super excited when we managed to plan our trips so that there was some crossover and we could hang out while we were there.

They arrived on day 4, so I booked us in for brunch at Kopps. I’ve heard so many great things about Kopps but it always seemed a bit expensive for dinner. Luckily brunch is really good value, it was around 12.50 euros for all you can eat, which suited me just fine! I booked the table two days beforehand and they managed to squeeze me in on the earliest slot, which suited us but if you’re wanting a later brunch then definitely book ahead.

They had a huge choice. There were breads, flavoured butters, spreads, slices of vegan cheeses and meats, vegan eggs, cold salads, patties, sausages, warm vegetable dishes, pancakes, yoghurts and some really fancy desserts. I wish I’d taken a photo but at the time I felt it was too fancy to just get my camera out. In all the excitement I only remembered to take photos of my first and last plate, but this gives you a pretty good idea of what there was.


My favourites were the cheese and the vegan eggs. I loved the chocolate brownies and pancakes too, the white cream dessert had chunks of marzipan in it, which was weird but delightful! I only managed 3 plates until I was completely stuffed, so we paid up and went in search of flea markets.

It was a random bank holiday that day, so when we got to mauerpark market there wasn’t too much there. We had a quick look around, but most of it was food and we were way too full to eat any more. I looked up another flea market in Friedrichshain so we went in that direction but unfortunately there was nothing there either. We sat around a little disappointed for a while until I remembered that I wanted to try and get into the abandoned amusement park, Spreepark.

It was a little far out and involved a short walk in some woods but everyone was up for it. It didn’t take too long to get there and the walk was a good way of getting our huge brunch down. I’d done some research beforehand and apparently it used to be really easy to sneak into Spreepark but due to a recent fire they’d upped security and blocked some of the entrances. We weren’t the only people with the idea to go, lots of people with cameras were walking around. You can see a fair bit of the park from outside the fence but we just didn’t find any opportunity to sneak in, most of the huge holes under the fence were by a busy public footpath and I’ve heard that a lot of locals report anyone trespassing, we also saw security from inside, so there was no way we’d not get caught. Whilst I know a lot about trespass laws in the UK, I have no idea what the deal is in Germany and didn’t fancy getting in trouble. There was one hole we considered but I was genuinely concerned about trying to get under it because of all the food I’d eaten for the last 5 days! In the end we just walked the whole way round and took some photos from outside. It’s such a shame that a company has bought this park and hasn’t really done anything with it except hired security to keep people out, apparently a few years ago you could pay to take a tour.

Giant T-Rex


After our trip round Spreepark we caught a bus back into town. It was getting pretty late but we decided to take a peek at the Ritter Sport museum that’s based in one of their shops near Stadtmitte. Whilst I can eat hardly any of the selection there, I had fun reading the info and posing as a Ritter Sport dude.

They did have a make your own flavour bar but we’d missed last orders. I think if I’d picked the dark chocolate option, I could have created a few cool flavours, so I’ll definitely consider checking it out some other time.

By this time it was officially evening which means officially time for dinner! My partner and I fancied going back to Zeus pizza and pizza was enough to tempt my friends too, so we all went back to Friedrichshain. I wrote about my two visits last time I went to Berlin and the pizza was still just as good. I forgot how much choice there was for vegans here. Whilst I loved the novelty of the weird flavours at Sfizy Veg, I do think Zeus is the tastiest pizza in Berlin.

We were all bursting after our food but that didn’t stop my partner pointing out that we were a 5 minute walk from Oh La La….my friends were amazed that we could even consider it, but I guess out of admiration said they would accompany us to check it out. I was too bloated to remember to take a photo of the crepes but I had a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and an Apple Caramel Crepe. My partner tried the white chocolate which was also amazing.

Feeling really sick and pretty disgusted with myself, I decided to call it a night. We said goodbye to our friends and headed back to our apartment. I don’t remember what happened that night after that, it was all a carby, sugary blur…


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