Return to Berlin – Day 6

I think I woke up in a bit of a food fog on day 6. I got up and cooked a nice breakfast but started feeling really sluggish and awful afterwards. I ended up going back to bed to sleep and didn’t wake up until the early afternoon. Thankfully the sleep really helped and I was ready to get out and about again when I woke up.

My partner wanted to go back to Coretex records in Kreuzberg so that’s where we headed to first. We spent ages in there before checking out a few more shops in Kreuzberg. I’d heard about a veggie/vegan Chinese bakery in the area called Charlies Bakery so went off to look for it. Unfortunately the address on Happy Cow is wrong! We ended up stood in the middle of a road! Turns out Charlies Bakery is pretty much opposite Coretex! We went back the way we came and finally found it.

I was amazed when I went inside, I couldn’t believe how much of the stuff in the display case was vegan! There were loads of adorable tarts topped with fresh fruit, cookies, cakes, savoury buns, cheesecakes! I was so excited, I didn’t what to get. My partner went for a cookie, I think it was ginger, walnut and lemongrass? I went for a slice of fruit tart with a chocolate biscuit base.


I tried some of the cookie and it was delicious but the best by far thing was my tart. It was beautifully fresh and sweet and the fruit worked really well with the chocolate. It was way too pretty to devour quickly so I took my time with it. So good.

By the time we had finished our drinks and cakes it was getting late. We decided to check out a small Christmas Market in Kreuzberg. It wasn’t too far from Freckles though, so we thought it would be best to make cake stop #2 on the way.

When we got to Freckles the door was locked and I couldn’t see anyone inside. I was so desperate to try their famous cakes that I refused to believe it and sat outside for a while. Turned out a member of staff had briefly locked the doors while they went to the back so I was very happy when they came to the door and let us in.

The cakes here are beautiful, I found it really difficult to choose. I managed to convince my partner to go halves on a slice each and then asked for a slice to go. We picked the banana chocolate cake and some kind of hazelnut caramel cake if I remember right. I picked an apple speculoos cake to go.

AHMAGAHD. These cakes are fricking ace. Luckily my partner (who picked the chocolate banana cake) decided he doesn’t really like banana in his cake so I got to eat most of it. The hazelnut one was incredible, one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. I loved it and was so sad that we didn’t get a chance to get back here for a second visit.

After our sugar high wore off we went in search of the Kreuzberg Christmas Market. It was a little hidden away but we did find it. It was very small and quiet, not a huge amount there for vegans as most of it was food. I did manage to pick up an organic 100% cocoa bar for a friends Christmas present though so not a complete loss!

By the time we were done it was getting late and despite eating lots and lots of cake, I was ready for some savoury and there was something special that I wanted to visit.

Voner – vegan kebab! I loved this place when I went back in May so had to make another trip. My partner really didn’t want to go but we managed to compromise when I told him that Oh La La was not too far away! Last time round I had a plate of the kebab meat with chips and peanut sauce but this time I went for the wrap and a side order of chips. My partner skipped the kebab style meat and went for nuggets.


Woah. So much food. The wrap was awesome and the best thing I’ve had there. So good. The chips…I was expecting just a normal side order of chips, these were something else completely. A massive plate of chips topped with the most amazing tahini sauce and sweet fried onions. Ahhhh! I love these so much! Forget chips and gravy people, this is where it’s at.

I literally could not move after eating all that and I was super happy my partner enjoyed the nuggets so we didn’t have to trek to Oh La La.

I couldn’t believe how good that Voner experience was, it upped it’s game. There’s no way I can not go back on my next trip to Berlin. Proper dirty vegan junk food at its best!


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