Return to Berlin – Day 7

Ah, my last day in Berlin! I was so sad that we were going home the following morning but we had lots of plans for our last day and I was excited to get started.

We had a big breakfast before setting off to meet our friends at The Reichstag. We’d managed to miss seeing this last time because we didn’t realise you had to apply to visit in advance. Luckily we remembered this time, although I think things have changed and you can now get permission to visit on the day, I think it’s easier to guarantee a place beforehand though. It took about 7.-10 days to get online confirmation.


I really enjoyed visiting The Reichstag. I recommend getting the audio guide, it’s free and gives you lots of information, points our places of interest that you can see from the building. It’s an awesome building.

Afterwards we said goodbye to our friends and went to take one last look at the Christmas markets. They were a little less magical during the day but it was still fun to look round. I particularly liked looking at these festive Christmas decorations!

When we were too cold to browse any longer we went over to Kreuzberg for some lunch. My partner wanted to visit Yellow Sunshine again and I definitely wasn’t going to stop him! I had a cheeseburger with a side of currywurst, which tasted great. It was a little disappointing that by the time we arrived loads of the burgers had sold out, but what we ended up with was tasty!


After Yellow Sunshine we made a final trip to Veganz as my partner wanted to stock up on daiya cheese. I picked out some presents for the lovely friends who had been looking after our cat and a few of the cheaper treats on offer there. I also bought two German cookbooks Kuchen Ohne Tiere (cooking without animals) and Susses Ohne Tiere (sweets without animals). Some of the recipes in there look amazing and I feel like I know enough German to muddle my way through!

We then decided to go to No Milk Today, which is between Kreuzberg and Neukoln. We spent ages waiting for a bus but finally found our way there. I really liked the atmosphere in this cafe, it was quiet, warm and cosy.

I picked out an apple marzipan tart and ordered a chocolate milkshake too, my partner ordered 2 cookies. Both the baked items were really tasty, I loved my tart! Unfortunately I really struggled with the milkshake, which sounds weird but it was like the soy milk they used was too beany and it overrode any other flavour. It didn’t taste like chocolate at all, I tried my best but wasn’t able to finish it.

I had planned to visit Vaust later that evening but my partner was tired and wanted to go back home and pack, so we decided to stop off at Denn’s on the way home and get some food to cook up in our apartment. We had a nice quiet night in, eating gnocci and packing everything away.

I was really sad to be leaving the lovely apartment, the delicious food and the lovely friendly people of Berlin. I couldn’t believe it had been a whole week and was all over. I have to say, that last night was my saddest night in Berlin, I wish I was still there now 😦

Well, that’s it for all my latest Berlin posts, I’ll include all of these on a round up over the next few days, but for now I’m off to cry about all the food I can’t eat now that I’m not in Germany!


2 thoughts on “Return to Berlin – Day 7

  1. I've been waiting for chance to sit down and read all your Berlin posts in one go! What a great holiday and Berlin just seems to get better and better as a vegan foodie destination. If we ever get to visit I will definitely be using your blog for tips on where to go. Really enjoyed reading the posts.


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