Nak’d Bars from Natural Balance Foods

A few weeks ago I got another one of my favourite kind of emails. That’s right, another exciting sample request! I was super happy that Natural Balance Foods wanted me to sample a selection of their cereal bars as I’ve been a fan of Nak’d Bars since I first went vegan.

Nak’d bars are generally my main snack of choice. They’re perfect to take when I’m travelling, they’re accessible (I can always find them if I end up in town longer than expected and hunger strikes) and they’re an affordable, easy snack in my everyday life. I’m pretty organised but sometimes there are days where I struggle to get myself ready for work in good time, I’m hungry and don’t even have time to get some toast on. I am always incredibly thankful when I remember the battered (but still delicious) emergency bar at the bottom of my bag. Nak’d has saved me a LOT of times.

So I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when my box of goodies arrived!

When I opened the box, I saw a lot of my old favourites, but also some new flavours that I was looking forward to trying. Here is my selection

I have no will power, so I went straight for the new and exciting flavours. The one I was most excited about was the Bakewell Tart, though I did have my reservations, how could fruit and nuts ever taste similar to all that pastry, marzipan, jam and icing? It was love at first bite, I cannot believe how much this tastes like a real bakewell tart! It was awesome.

The next bar on my hit list was the Rhubarb and Custard, I’d heard great things about this one and was really excited, unfortunately I think this is a bit of an acquired taste. I really wasn’t keen, but I gave the rest to my partner and he loved it.

After trying a few new flavours I started on some of the older classics. I love the Cocoa Mint and Cocoa Orange, they’re my favourite chocolate flavour combinations and they work really well. They’re very sweet but I like sweet so it works well for me

The Ginger Bread, Pecan Pie and Cashew Cookie are also pretty good, I like the flavours but I guess when it comes to snacking it’s chocolate that appeals to me most!

I was super impressed with the Cocoa Delight, but even more impressed with the Berry Delight. I loved how big the flavour was in this bar. I love fruit when it’s sharp and tangy and this bar gets it just right.

The last flavour on my list was the Caffe Mocha. I do not like coffee at all, not even when it has chocolate in but I can take one for the team. I had a bite of this, it’s a very strong coffee flavour, so I guess for coffee lovers this would be perfect! I saved the rest for a friend at work who is in love with this flavour. For me, it just reminded me that I definitely don’t like coffee, which I guess in terms of it tasting like it’s supposed to, is a good thing!

Overall, I really love the Nak’d range from Natural Balance Foods. There’s so much variety that I’m sure there’s at least one flavour for everyone and they’re just really handy snacks to carry around. They may look small, but they’re so packed full healthy fruits and nuts that they have the power to keep even my raging hunger at bay.

If you haven’t tried these cereal bars, where have you been?! Go out and find your favourite flavour!


2 thoughts on “Nak’d Bars from Natural Balance Foods

  1. Ooh wowee, you are a lucky duck getting to taste all those bars! I think I have only ever tried the rhubarb and custard one, which I quite liked, but I've never ventured to other flavours. I like the sound of gingerbread and pecan pie!


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