Vegan Mofo #3: Waffle Toasties

Quick, Easy and Delicious

I had lots of ideas for this prompt. What could I whip together and waffle within 20 minutes? But then I figured, that’s quite a long time to wait for food and the clean up involved afterwards would add onto that. What could I make that would pretty much take minutes, not use a ton of ingredients and would be really tasty?


Toasties are great, we always have bread in the house and my fridge is always full of mystery spreads and ingredients I can slap on some bread. A perfect idea! But would it work in a waffle machine?

When deciding whether I could justify the space for a waffle iron in my kitchen, it was pretty much a toss up between a waffle iron and a toastie machine. I figured that whilst I’d make a hell of a lot of toasties in the first week of having the machine, it would end up being a gadget that just hung around the kitchen, taking up space and gathering dust. I had more hope for being a regular waffle eater (and it’s clearly worked…just look at me!). If I could make toasties in my waffle iron, this would basically end up being the best investment known to human kind.


Waffle Toasties

  • Bread
  • Non dairy spread
  • Fillings of your choice
  1. Grease and fire up the waffle iron.
  2. While it’s heating up, butter up each side of the bread. Place your filling of choice inside. Cut in half.
  3. Pop each half into the waffle iron and wait.
  4. Repeat, load up your plate and cram inside your mouth whilst watching Mean Girls

Hurrah! I did good with my money on this one. These were perfect!

I chose vegusto cheese & pickle for one sandwich and vegusto cheese & pesto for the other. Soo good. I can also confirm that Peanut Butter & Jelly smothered in maple syrup is also incredible (but you will probably burn yourself on the jam when releasing this beast and also the waffle iron is a pain in the arse to clean afterwards, so not so quick and easy).
You could fill these with pretty much anything. I’m sad I haven’t tried chocolate spread yet, but I will!
What fillings would you choose?

9 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo #3: Waffle Toasties

  1. You are making a very strong case for waffle makers as kitchen essentials! I'd probably stick a slice of roast pumpkin in one and make it savory with vegemite and sunflower cheese and sweet with pumpkin, sunflower butter and maple syrup!


  2. I love your MoFo theme! My waffle iron also has toastie plates but I've never tried to actually waffle my toasties. What kind of bread did you use? They look so crispy and beautiful!


  3. YUM! I think I would put cheese and mushrooms in mine, and then have them with sweet chilli sauce. Something I used to eat all the time way back at uni, I think the waffling would make them even better.


  4. good idea.I actually busted out my waffle iron tonight and I love it so much. I love the idea of waffle iron sandwiches — it's kinda like a retro version of a panino press!


  5. Oh, that's fantastic. My mom always used to make toasties when we were little in her waffle iron. No such thing as a sandwich maker in those times. And they even were called toasties. Thanks for reminding me of this quick and easy way to have a tasty dinner and use up some bread.


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