Vegan Mofo #13: Kitchen Tour and Waffled Doughnuts

It’s Kitchen Tour Time!

Ah, I’ve kind of been dreading this prompt. I really don’t like my kitchen all that much, it embarrasses me. My flat is dirt cheap to live in, mostly because it’s so damn outdated. I don’t think it’s been properly redecorated in decades. After two years I’ve learnt to embrace it, I’ve developed a love for 70s homeware in an attempt to match the decor in this place. But, whilst there’s some things I like, I will never get over having to heat the boiler to get hot water or the kitchen floor that looks mucky no matter how much I mop it.

I’ve taken some photos though, I wanted to take part. I refuse to showcase my kitchen floor, but here’s an idea of where I cook…

To start off with, here’s my kitchen door! It doesn’t close but it has one of my favourite things on it. My handy spice rack! Check this out.

Isn’t it great? My kitchen isn’t big and storage is limited, so this is a great way to save space. My herb and spice collection is a little too big for it, but so far it’s all managed to get squeezed in there somehow.

Next we move onto my fridge/tea collection.

Another space saver is using the top of the fridge to store all my teas! It’s run a little low recently, and behind it lives my messy collection of tupperware, but I ain’t showing you that!

Next to my fridge is my sink! Not very exciting. But here’s my teeny tiny kitchen window.

I’m the top floor flat of a massive converted house, so this space is technically the attic. So teeny windows for us. It actually lets in a fair bit of light, but we had a brand spanking new cupboard installed that blocks out the light from half the room. YAY! Another bonus is that only one of the tiny ceiling lights works and after two years we still haven’t figured out how to get the old bulbs out of there.

And inside the cupboard of darkness….

Here is the counter with all my utensils and oils, soy sauce etc which live next to my cooker. I’m not showing you that because the top is piled up with massive pans and looks a mess. I NEED MORE SPACE. The counter does go a bit further across, which includes my Magimix and a great big pile of dishes…

Below the counters are some really old cupboards. One of the drawers is missing because the kitchen is shit and the drawers fall off.

And here is my massive storage shelf with jars of rice, lentils, soy mince etc/rack for all my pans. I like this shelf and my jars, especially the 70s brown top ones. And my adorable cat salt and pepper shakers.

Just look at them!

And what is this? What has suddenly appeared on my counter top?

Day old doughnuts? My god. How am I going to revive these stale, sweet delights?

Waffle iron you say? Okay…

I’ve gotta say. the result was pretty damn good. No recipe here, just fire up your iron and squish some store bought doughnuts inside. They were really tasty and this was a great way to still enjoy these doughnuts despite them being not so fresh. A lot of the filling did leak out, so it would be nice to pour some warm jam over these. I’m trying that next time.

Well, that’s the end of my kitchen tour. Looking forward to seeing all the Mofo kitchens!


14 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo #13: Kitchen Tour and Waffled Doughnuts

  1. I used to live somewhere with a teeny tiny kitchen so totally understand, I stored my spices on top of the fridge (I am also a herbs and spices hoarder!) We have a bigger kitchen now but we've still not got enough space!


  2. I used to live somewhere with a teeny tiny kitchen so totally understand, I stored my spices on top of the fridge (I am also a herbs and spices hoarder!) We have a bigger kitchen now but we've still not got enough space!


  3. wow that is a great reason to have a waffle iron – I am jealous of your spice rack – I really need one – sometimes I just read in and see what my hand lands upon – it is like spice roulette! And when I hear you live in the attic I hope you have an elevator – though it doesn't sound like it – because I once lived up 3 flights of stairs and carrying the groceries up them was horrid. And your jars shelf with the cute kitties and the hanging frypans looks quite cool!


  4. I love your kitchen! I also have a small, old fashioned kitchen and it is great to see what you have done with it. I am always looking for more space, so I am going to look into those racks that hang on the back of the door. Also I lived in a flat where I had to light the boiler with a match in order to heat water so I feel you pain!


  5. Cool sky line! Love your green kettle. I have super crap cupboards too but I own the place so it's a worst excuse. I want to hang my pots like you do so they're not all stacked on top of each other in my broken cupboard 🙂


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