Vegan Mofo #19: Peanut Waffle Cups

Lunch on the Go

I’ve not gone for a traditional lunch because I’ve already put a few sandwich-like recipes up on here. So I went for a lunchtime snack instead. Something that could be whipped up fairly easily and that would travel well. That’s quite hard for a waffle. But, when I decided to waffle-ize peanut butter cups, nothing could stop me trying.

I think it went pretty well

Peanut Waffle Cups

  • Mini chocolate waffles (I made these with the last few tbsp of leftover batter)
  • Melted chocolate
  • Peanut Butter
  • Icing Sugar
  • Salt
  1. Dip the waffles in melted chocolate and set aside on some parchment paper until it has cooled and hardened
  2. Mix together peanut butter, icing sugar and a little salt until you’ve got the right sweet/salty combo.
  3. Sandwich the peanut butter mixture inbetween two chocolate coated waffles and consume

I couldn’t quite wait for the chocolate to completely set before I stuffed my waffle cup into my face, but these were amazing! The perfect snack to whip up with a little extra waffle batter. You could definitely miss out the extra chocolate and the added sugar to the peanut butter if you wanted a healthier snack, but I doubt I’ll ever go down that road.

Who thought peanut butter cups could get even better?

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