Vegan Mofo #25: Mac n Cheeze Waffles

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Okay, maybe this is cheating but I’m classing Mac n Cheeze as a cuisine for this one. I love Mac n Cheeze so freakin’ much. I like how varied vegan recipes for this dish are, I love the creamy cashew sauces, the lower fat butternut/carrot macs and the plain old dirty Mac n Cheeze, made with lots and lots of tasty fat.

The other thing about Mac n Cheeze is that it can be incorporated into most dishes. I’ve had mac n cheeze pizzas, toasties, white chocolate mac…the possibilities are endless. I knew I had to test this out in my waffle iron.

There’s not really a recipe for this one, I used the Mac n Cheeze recipe from the New Farm Cookbook, added some breadcrumbs and then shoved it in my waffle iron. It was so, so good. The outside was crispy and it was cheeezy.

I had mine on top of some unwaffled mac and then fried off some cavalo nero, veggie sausage and tomatoes to go with. It was great! Annoyingly my cheeze sauce was a gross brown colour, I blame it on the dark soy sauce I used. Never again!

If you have a waffle iron, you need to try this. If you don’t have a waffle iron you need to bloody well go and get one.



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