Vegan in Glasgow – Day 1

The following posts have been a LONG time coming. I visited Glasgow for a birthday break back in April and it was marvellous. I ate some of the best food of my life. I fell in love with the city… and yet I didn’t come back and immediately post about it. Sorry. Life got a bit crap upon my return, then Mofo got in the way which resulted in me being completely waffled out. But now I’m ready!

The first day we spent in Glasgow was pretty chilled out. I managed to find us a cheap flat to stay in through Airbnb in Shawlands, which was about a 5-7 minute train journey from the city centre. It was pretty good. We arrived around lunchtime but unfortunately our host managed to misplace the keys to the flat so we spent an hour or so hanging out in a nearby cafe. Once we dropped our stuff off and checked out the flat we were ravenous. I wanted food and I wanted it immediately.

We decided to go for Stereo because it’s pretty much round the corner from Glasgow Central and it does Tapas type food. ‘Great!’ I thought, ‘a few small dishes to tide us over until dinner time’. When do I ever go for small when I’m travelling? I mean really, what the hell was I thinking?

Of course as soon as I looked at the menu I wanted EVERYTHING. They had spring rolls, buffalo cauliflower, falafels, hummus and breads, chips, wedges, nachos and a fricking haggis pizza. For goodness sake, it was a ridiculous amount of choice. What did they expect me to do?

So of course we ordered loads of little things with a wee side helping of Haggis Pizza…because I had no choice. Obviously.

So here it is: Haggis Pizza, Spring Rolls, Sweet Potato Wedges, Rosemary Polenta Chips and Garlic Bread..

It was all so good. And oh so filling. My favourite was of course the haggis pizza because haggis on a pizza is absolutely genius and 100% a Scottish thing to do. All the dishes were reasonably prices and generous portions. I really enjoyed it and vowed to return before our few days away were up! I was gutted that I was too full for dessert but there was the promise of a lot more food later that day.

We mooched around town for a while to burn some of the food off. I did a wee bit of shopping and then we thought we’d head to The Flying Duck as I’d heard they do great vegan food as well as board games. We were way too full for food just yet, but I always have an appetite for gaming. We played way too much Boggle and drank way too much fizzy pop. It was great. The pub was pretty quiet, which we liked although it did get a lot busier as time got on..which was our queue to head elsewhere for dinner, we planned to go back for the food at The Flying Duck another time (so we could play Boggle again)

I was desperate to try Mono so that’s where we went. I had drooled over this menu for a few weeks before the holiday so I was pretty familiar with the options, it still took me an age to decide though. In the end I went for the To-fish ‘n’ Chips while my partner went for the Seitan Burger. We also got a side of onion rings to share.

Goddamn. I picked the right meal for me that night. The tofu ‘fish’ was ace and who can ever hate mushy peas? No one! The onion rings were good too.

Now at this point you must be thinking that I was at bursting point. Well, I was. But I wanted to have a dessert, the savoury over sweet ratio was way off, so we decided to hell with it, we’d eat dessert until we wanted to puke and then waddle back to the flat.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t feel like the dessert was worth the pain. I went for the Oreo Cheesecake while Jake went for the Sundae. I need to stop trusting vegan cheesecakes when I’m out and about, I’m always disappointed. The filling was ok but it wasn’t great and I really didn’t like that the base was made with ginger biscuits. Why not use Oreos? The ginger biscuits were also in the Sundae which put me off that too, I really don’t like ginger much so I guess they were bad choices for us.

Overall I loved Mono, the savoury food was incredible and I made a note to return and explore more of their menu. The only other thing I didn’t like was the loud music. I’m a miserable grump I know.

Honestly I don’t remember much of that night, all I know is that I was very full and very satisfied. I couldn’t wait to explore the city again the next day. I’ll leave you with this…


8 thoughts on “Vegan in Glasgow – Day 1

  1. They did use Oreos.

    Whereabouts are you based? In the UK Oreos are vegan. We don't have the same problem as the US re refined sugars, they are not filtered through bone char in the UK. Oreos do contain an allergen warning of 'May contain milk' because they are made in the same factory as other dairy products but no animal products are listed in the ingredients.


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