Vegan in Glasgow – Day 2

We woke up late on our second day so our plans to visit the whole of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum changed slightly. We decided to check out everything except the Dinosaurs and their Eggs exhibition, which we would save for another day. I wanted to have enough time to appreciate that exhibition.

This place was really cool, we spent hours wandering round. There were some cool floating heads but I’m not gonna spoil it for you, it’s well worth checking out if you visit Glasgow.

We built up a huge appetite, which was good because The 78 wasn’t too far away! The 78 is another 100% vegan bar/restaurant. I really liked the inside of this place, it had a really nice relaxed feel and wasn’t too busy.

I decided to go for the Coconut Bean Chilli Nachos and the Special Burger. I think I made a bloody good choice. The nachos were awesome. I would never think to put coconut in a chilli but it worked so well. It had a really nice sweetness to it and I was so sad when it was all gone. I’ve vowed to remake this myself but not yet given it a go, I think I’m scared of making it less delicious. So good! I’d definitely have it again if I ever return.

The Special Burger was also really good, annoyingly I can’t remember what it was, I think maybe mushroom? Not sure but it was so good and massive with a really decent serving of chips. Basically everything I want in a burger.

Annoyingly I was way too full for dessert and we decided to walk back to the city centre to try and burn some of the food off.

We had a few hours to kill before we had an excuse to eat even more food so we went to the Glasgow Film Theatre to watch The Tale of The Princess Kaguya which was beautiful and awesome just like you expect from Studio Ghibli, I definitely recommend it.

I wasn’t super hungry after the film but I was desperate to stuff my face all over again so we walked over to The 13th Note. I was determined to manage 3 courses this time and carefully planned my choices as I knew that we’d only get one chance to visit during this trip.

I chose the Herby Meatballs in tomato sauce with garlic bread to start.

You can’t really see the meatballs because of the salad but ohh yeah this was good. It was basically like a mini main course. I loved it! There is so much vegan garlic bread in Glasgow, it’s the best thing ever.

I went traditional for my main because I wanted to try and have haggis everyday, so I went for the Haggis Neeps and Tatties with a peppercorn sauce.

Now it looks a bit weird but this was really, really tasty. I took two photos so you can see it once it’s chomped into.

Yummy. I love a bit of stodgy food. The peppercorn sauce was really good too.

After my experience with the Mono cheesecake, I avoided the one at 13th Note which I’ve been told was a huge mistake. I’m definitely gonna have to go back to Glasgow now. I went for the Sticky Toffee Pudding instead, which was still a good choice in my books.

Just look at that. Lovely. Another massive portion. Scotland is great!

I really enjoyed my meal at 13th Note, it felt like a proper special restaurant meal which we lack here in Manchester. And for something so special the prices were really reasonable too. The only thing that disappointed me was that it’s not completely vegan! It might as well be, so much of it is and there are so many vegan places in Glasgow that my expectations were raised a fair bit. All in all it was bloody good though.

So we were another day down and I was ready for an early night, I was super excited for the Dinosaur exhibition the next day.


3 thoughts on “Vegan in Glasgow – Day 2

  1. Some more great food. I think a sticky pudding probably wins over a cheesecake, to be honest, but probably best that you go back and try the cheesecake just to be sure… probably a side by side comparison would be best. 😉


  2. Haaaa I love that your Glasgow trip and my Paris trip were both a series of delicious meals punctuated by fripperies like bathing, sleeping and walking around (burning off food to make room for more food).


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