Vegan in Glasgow – Day 3

I woke up on the third day excited about something other than my first meal. DINOSAURS!

This would be the day we’d visit the Dinosaurs and their Eggs Exhibition at Kelvingrove Museum and I couldn’t wait! Of course, like always, we didn’t get out of the apartment until late, so we decided to grab an early lunch before we set off.

We went back to Mono because I was still dreaming of the menu and wanted to give a different dessert of theirs a go. I’m really glad we went back at lunchtime, it was a completely different atmosphere. It wasn’t packed full of people and there wasn’t any loud music to annoy me.

I went for the Lamachan pizza, it’s a Turkish pizza with spicy mince, aubergine, chillies and yoghurt.

This pizza was uh-mazing. I didn’t miss the vegan cheese, the yoghurt and soft aubergine were creamy enough. There was just the right amount chilli on it too. I devoured the whole thing and immediately wanted another one. Somehow I managed to resist.

Jake didn’t want to have a main because he was ‘tired of being full all the time’…WHAT? So he went for one of the bar snacks, a hot dog. Look at all that cheese, I should have got one as a side dish to my pizza!

I was the only one to go for dessert because Jakes stomach ‘hurt’. Whatever. I had my eye on the Bakewell Sponge with hot jam.

Look at that. Perfection. Not only was it beautiful but it was delicious too. So much better than the cheesecake and sundae, if I were to go back to Mono I would have this all over again. Proper nice comfort food.

The dinosaur exhibition was just what we needed to burn off all that food. It was a really good exhibition, lots of interesting stuff AND I got to burst out of a dinosaur egg

I had to wait behind tons of eager kids to get that one. It was worth all the dodgy looks from their parents, although I still think I should have been bumped up the queue due to me liking dinosaurs for way longer than them.

We decided to go get a drink at the 78 after the exhibition. I swear the intention was always to get a drink. But then this hot chocolate brownie with ice cream happened. It was awesome.

We left shortly after to avoid eating anything else. We spent the rest of the afternoon browsing the shops in town and then went back to The Flying Duck for board games. We Boggled our hearts out while a massive folk band played music on the tables around us. It was really fun. It started with just a few people and then ended up being around 15.

After a few hours we thought we’d try out the food. I wasn’t particularly hungry so I thought I’d avoid the big burgers and go for a wee portion of nachos with a hot dog.

It was not a wee portion.

Jake went for the burger which looked really good.

It was nice, cheap and cheerful pub grub. The nachos were ridiculously big, I could barely move afterwards.

When we were able to walk, we went back to the apartment to watch films and get an early night. At this point I was officially in love with Glasgow and really sad that the next day would be our last in this wonderful city.


2 thoughts on “Vegan in Glasgow – Day 3

  1. Ha! Your vacations sound like my vacations. It's really just about finding the best way to stuff as much food in as possible. And at some point, I go through what Jake went through, where I don't want to be full anymore. But I don't have enough self-control to actually stop myself. So I pretty much stay miserably full the entire trip.


  2. So much fun, dinosaurs are super cool! They definitely should have let you get to the egg first.

    I am such an eater when I am on holidays, much like Bianca I stay pretty full, sometimes miserably so. I always say to myself 'Self, you will just eat sensibly so you don't get painfully full'…. but then there is food and, well, I can't help it. 😉


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