Vegan in Glasgow – Day 4

My final day in Glasgow was a really good one. We had a bit of a late start as we tidied up the apartment we were staying in and had to get our luggage checked in at the train station so we didn’t have to carry it around all day.

We spent the whole morning and early afternoon at The Women’s Library, which has now become one of my favourite places ever. It’s no ordinary library, it’s a really great space that celebrates women and also supports them through services and programmes that cover a wide range of issues. I wish I lived closer to this place because I would be there all the time. There weren’t many events on during the weekend we visited so unfortunately we didn’t get to attend anything they were putting on, but I spent hours looking through all the books there. I made a huge list of books I wanted to read, some of which I’ve managed to get hold of and read, they were all great. I could have spent a whole day here and was kicking myself a bit that we didn’t come along earlier. Everyone there was super friendly too. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

The Women’s Library almost made me forget my lunch, but a rumbling tummy brought us back to our food mission. We headed back into town to eat at Saramago Cafe

, another all vegan place in Glasgow, still can’t get over how many there were! They do a lot of tapas/small plate dishes like many of the others but once I saw Haggis listed in the mains, I knew what I was going to get.

So we started off by sharing some small bits, fresh homemade bread with dukka and olive oil, and some roasted aubergine. Both were delicious.

For mains I went for the Haggis Fritters with Chips and Tartare sauce while Jake went for a Calzone.

I’d hardly call these Fritters! They’re basically just massive Haggis Balls and they were fricking brilliant! Honestly one of the best things to ever go in my mouth. I loved this. Jake’s Calzone also looked good

We were completely stuffed by this point and decided to mooch around town to burn it all off. We ended up with a few hours spare before heading back, so we thought we’d return to Stereo for a drink. I ended up with this amazing Apple Pie Sundae, which worked out to be a pretty good Glasgow send off.

I was really sad to be leaving but I know this won’t be my last visit. I loved Glasgow, so much stuff to do and the amount of completely vegan restaurants was amazing. I think Glasgow definitely gets my vote for the most vegan friendly city in the UK, hands down.


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