Vegan Mofo 2017: A Vegan Experience of Surgery & Recovery

Hello folks!

Things have been a little bit quiet on the old blogging front, but I’m really happy to say that I’m back for Vegan Mofo this year.


I made the decision to skip Mofo last year as I wasn’t in a great place with my mental health and I didn’t feel I could blog to the ridiculously high standards I was putting on myself. I like participating with fairly hardcore and challenging themes and I also like to post every single day of the month. It’s something I get myself pretty obsessive and anxious over because hello, I am Emil and I live in a constant state of anxiety… have we met?


Image by the amazing artist Gemma Correll:

When I realised I couldn’t meet what I was demanding of myself I decided to bow out completely. I regret doing this because I missed Mofo. I missed it a lot. I missed the motivation it gives me for blogging, I missed the challenge, I missed getting stuck in to other bloggers posts, the sense of community and most of all I missed all the lovely friends I’ve made and connect with over our busiest time of year.

This year I decided that I would definitely participate, no matter what happens. Even if I couldn’t come up with a theme and end up posting photos of what I eat each day because dammit, (and I may be eye rolling at myself for saying this but…) it’s the taking part that counts!

I’m pretty relieved I came to that conclusion because this time of year isn’t perfect for me to be on top blogging form. Friends and regular readers will know that on August 22nd, I had major surgery. So when I was thinking of themes and ideas for me to participate I thought…why don’t I just blog about this big, strange experience I’m having at this moment in time?

So here it is, SPOILER ALERT!!!111!!! Over the next 31 days I will be writing about my experience of being a Big Fat Vegan Queer Tran having major surgery.


I’m not scared. YOU’RE scared!

I’m hoping to cover a range of topics from preparation, to recovery, hospital visits/appointments, food, feelings and a few recipes and reviews thrown in for good measure. Photo quality won’t be great, I may not post every single day, posts may be very short, or long and a bit rambly because I can’t focus enough to edit, but that’s the way it is this year. There will be a little structure, each week will be about a different phase in my experience:

Week 1 – Preparing for Surgery


Week 3 – Beginning Recovery

Week 4 – Ongoing Recovery

So there it is, my plan for Vegan Mofo 2017. A very different approach compared to previous years but I am really excited to be taking part…and maybe also a little anxious. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to seeing what everyone else has in store

Happy blogging!


7 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo 2017: A Vegan Experience of Surgery & Recovery

  1. Congrats, you are back!! its good to see you blogging again, and I’m so stoked you’re participating this year! Best. Theme. Ever. Just really happy for you that the surgery went well too!

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