Vegan Mofo 2017 #21: Savoury Filled Croissants


A Vegan Experience of Surgery & Recovery: I had chest reconstruction surgery on August 22nd 2017. For Vegan Mofo 2017, I will be writing about my experience preparing for surgery and my ongoing recovery.

Right back at the beginning of Mofo, I mentioned that I did some pretty filthy things with some of the Jus Roll products we have here in the UK. Jus Rol is a pastry brand that does vegan friendly puff and short crust pastries, but most important of all are their Croissant, Cinnamon Roll and Pain Au Chocolat doughs. These tins of delight are crammed full of sweet, buttery, vegan goodness that just needs rolling up and put in the oven for fresh pastries.


I love these things. They’re really tasty and super convenient. Also, they’re usually on sale, 2  for £3, which is a bargain. I have eaten a LOT of these over the course of my recovery because they take minimal effort to put together and the taste is just so rewarding.

I came up with the idea to stuff my croissant dough with tasty treats. Well duh, I hear you say. Who hasn’t stuffed chocolate bars, chocolate spread and marshmallows into these?

But what about savoury?

I’ve had an amazing toasted croissant sandwich at Chaos Theorie in Berlin, so I was super excited to try filling this dough with a variety of savoury fillings. My boyfriend put together the first lot for me. He did a really good job, giving me three different filled croissants; Salsa & Smoked Cheese, Vegan Haggis and Pesto & Smoked Cheese


Oh my. These were SO good. They don’t look particularly pretty but they taste frigging amazing. The salsa one was my favourite but vegan haggis was also a genius idea. The sweetness from the pastry actually worked really well with the fillings and I was left wanting more.

Since then we have tried numerous different fillings that were all a huge success. Vegan meatballs with pesto was SO GOOD and Mac n Cheese was of course, wonderful. If you can get hold of this dough…try it! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

In fact, between writing this draft post last night and publishing it this morning, I’ve just made Satay Coconut Jackfruit & Pesto Italian Sausage croissants to take along to roller derby. They smell SO good.


What would you fill yours with? Have you tried this before, if so, what did you think?


5 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo 2017 #21: Savoury Filled Croissants

  1. I’ve never had a savoury croissant, I don’t think! I really need to give it a go. My brother made homemade vegan croissants once from scratch with Stork, and he told me they were really not worth the effort, so jus-rol is great.


  2. Oh hell yes. You are a bloody genius! Why have I never thought to stuff these with anything savoury? I’ve made croissant sandwiches with cheese and ham but I’ve never baked the filling into the croissant. I can’t wait to try a mac and cheese one when I get back!


  3. I desperately wish we could get something like this here!
    Mac and chesse stuffed croissant sounds amazing? I’d also like to make a non-spicy pizza croissant. There is a place in Melbourne called Smith & Deli and they do vegab savoury stuffed croissants, their breakfast one has the cheese, tomato and ham baked right into it, it is so good.


  4. Croissants are just not as hip in the US T__T It is hard to find a vegan croissant, and we don’t have ANY (that I know of) easy bake croissants, vegan or other not. BUT I had an AWESOME vegan croissant in Asbury Park. The place makes them all the time even though they are an omni restaurant. They did a special where you could get a veggie burger (which was delicious) and have it served in their croissant (DOUBLE AMAZING!) And that is my long winded savory croissant story.


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