Vegan Mofo 2017 #22: Breakfast Brunch & Lunch – Edinburgh


A Vegan Experience of Surgery & Recovery: I had chest reconstruction surgery on August 22nd 2017. For Vegan Mofo 2017, I will be writing about my experience preparing for surgery and my ongoing recovery.

Hey folks, only have time for a short post today but what better to post about on a Sunday than a big fat breakfast? Recovery days can feel pretty long, so I’ve actually been into the habit of having breakfast regularly.

Now my partner Logan has made me some pretty spectacular breakfasts while I’ve been with him in Scotland, he always surprises me with fry ups and vegan haggis, but sometimes he works and isn’t around to treat me.

And that’s where BBL fits in. Breakfast Brunch & Lunch is a fantastic greasy spoon based in Edinburgh that serves a really good Full Vegan Breakfast at a decent price. They also provide Vegan Lorne (square sausage for you non Scots) sandwiches on their breakfast menu, but I decided to go for the big one.


Look at that. Beautiful. I had Haggis, Beans, Potato Scone, Mushrooms, Tomato, Sausages and Toast with dairy free spread. And only £5.50! This is a bloody bargain.

I loved this breakfast, it was the perfect size, plenty of variety and it was cooked beautifully. I would never say no to an addition of scrambled tofu, but honestly this is a really great vegan breakfast. It was well worth the trip over and I’m really excited to go again.

They’re open until 3pm and also sell a variety of rolls, panini’s, baked potatoes and burgers, all with vegan options. I’m very tempted by the peanut butter jelly panini and getting a baked potato with haggis. Yes pls!

So thank you BBL for providing me with one fantastic breakfast and warm welcoming service on top of that too.


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